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Adolphus Anderson | @
I have always been a big fan of Designing Women. And I love the song selection. I was so glad to see that the songs I was looking for are right here and easy to find. Thank you for being such a loyal fan such as I.
04 June 2003 - Austin

James | @
This is a fantastic tribute page. I have been a fan of the show since 86.
Whenever I need a good laugh, I pull out a DW tape.
20 May 2003 - Roanoke, VA
Great finally they came to their senses......To See Delta Burke back and Jean Smart.......Wonderful!! It is about time...they should do an entire series.
17 May 2003 - Clearwater, Florida

ashley fain | @
I am 15, but will be 16 in September...I have always wanted to be an actress and Dixie Carter has been my role model for a long time and will continue to be my role model...She is gorgeous and is classy with a touch of spice and sexiness to her...I love the show and thought the menapause shows with Julia were hysterical...can't wait to see the reunion and if I get my big break hopefully I'll beable to co-star in something with Ms. Carter. P.S. I thought Jean Smart was great in Bringing Down the House, and I think Hal Holbrook is adorable.
10 May 2003 - maryland

Donna W. Turner | @
Having to pick only 5 favorite episodes for the DVD poll was the hardest thing to do!!! I would love to have the entire DW collection to keep-- but especially the ones from the original cast- Julia, Suzanne, Mary Jo, Charlene, Anthony and Bernice! Please, please, please make this DVD series!
29 April 2003 - Sewell, NJ

dangerousdoc | @
Several years ago I left the tv on while I studied for a biology exam and I was amazed by the sharp dialogue. I put down my textbook and I, a 25, hetro, yankee male into Hulk Hogan and martial arts movies became DW's biggest fan.
22 March 2003 - Denver ,Co

Holly Geraghty | @
Designing Women was/is a TV show that had all the right ideas about women...showcasing wonderful, intelligent, sexy, diverse, humourous, talented and charming women. We need more women on TV like the Designing Women. I miss my evenings with the Designing Women, ALL of them.
19 March 2003 - Chelmsford, MA

Lisa Bernardo | @
Dear DW,
I would just be in heaven when you do the reuion show I will get my Aunt to
Record it on video tape so I can keep it
for ever and keep all in my heart.
19 March 2003 - USA

Lauren | @
I love Designing Women, plus I know everything about the show. If you have any questions about the show, looking for an answer to a question, or just wanna chat, please e-mail me! I would love to hear from you.
13 March 2003 - Louisiana

Patty C
I adore this show. I loved it when it first came on when I was 14 and I love as much or more now at 30. I will never understand why Delta was given such a hard time. She ony got funnier. The show was *nothing* after she left. Long live Suzanne Sugarbaker!
02 March 2003 - Chicago

Dana | @
Designing Women is my favorite show. I never get tired of it. I would love to see a reunion!!!
26 February 2003 - Livingston

Thanks very much for an excellent site. I was speaking to a friend and was refering to an episode, and found the exact quote here without a problem. Thank you kindly for such an excellent chronicle.
24 February 2003

Cindy Sue | @
What a great site! Found you all while searching on the 'guardian movie star' episode that just ran again on LifetimeTV. I'll have to come back and play when I have more time. Peace..
12 February 2003 - Talking Rock, GA

I think it's so cool how young people are still watching this awsome show. I'm 15 and this show makes me laugh, cry and cheer every time I watch it. Julia is my idol! I would love to be able to speek my mind like she does. I love all of the ladies and would love to see a reunion show!
07 February 2003 - Pittsburgh, PA

Christina | @
I have been a fan since I was a little girl and Julia (Dixie Carter) was always my favorite. To this day I try to catch an episode when I can.
05 February 2003 - San Antonio, Tx.

this has been my favorite show for years... i never miss one of them... hope they stay on tv for a long time... yall are just great.............
23 January 2003

I'm a female named 'MARSHALL' and as one might guess, it's a FAMILY name. You know how we Southerners are about carrying on those 'FAMILY' names! I love 'Designing Women' and NEVER tire of watching the re-runs! Being of 'old Southern heritage' I can often relate to these beautiful SOUTHERN belles!
15 January 2003 - WETUMPKA ALABAMA

Kelley | @
Today I watched the episode from season two titled, Killing All the Right People. It was a very moving episode. I especially appreaciated the way Julia told that woman off when she said that Aids was gods punishment on gays. It's quoted in the favorite quotes section of this site and I think it's awesome.
07 January 2003 - Michigan

Deborah | @
I just think Dixie Carter is an exellent actress! Designing Women is the best comedy on TV. I always wondered if Dixie is anything like Julia? My favorite Epsoide is The Fashion show, where Julia and Mary Jo are fighting and get stuck together as they are going down the runway. I laughed so hard. And their clothes rip. I will hope for a reunion show.
01 January 2003 - Pennsylvania

Monica Freeman | @
This show has been my favourite since I came to the USA.
Barely speaking English in the beginning, I turned out to be a little of all the characters portrayed in the show............
Julia's songs should be on CD!!!
30 December 2002 - Belgium Europe orig/ Now Tulsa OK USA

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