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Richard | @
Thanks for the great details on your site- and I thought I knew everything about this show!
25 November 2000 - St. Louis, MO

Anabelle K. Wright-Gatton | @
Thank you for creating this wonderful site! 'Designing Women' is absolutely one of my all-time, favorite shows, and like many other viewers, I feel like 'Suzanne, Julia, Mary Jo & Charlene' are part of my own group of personal friends, who I can look to everyday for laughter, comfort, and support. Thank you for this site & God Bless Lifetime for showing those Designing Women reruns - I pray that they continue forever, just like 'I Love Lucy!'
24 November 2000

Adrienne | @
I love Designing Women! It's my absolute
favorite show. None of the new show's can hold a candle to it.I hope they keep showing the reruns for a long time. It's impossible to get tired of that show. I hope they do a reunion show.
17 November 2000 - Jacksonville, FL

Manon Rufer | @
I was in high school when I first started to pay attention to DW. The only problem was that being french, I did'nt understand half the punch lines. But I kept watching as my english got better. Time went by, and one day while ordering dinner in Florida, the waiter turn to me and said: 'Tell me Hon', how did you managed to pick up a southern accent in Montreal?!!!' Not long a go, I found out that Lifetime was still showing the reruns of DW...It costs me $500 to buy myself a satellite dish, but I watch and tape my 2 hours of DW everyday!
16 November 2000 - Montréal, Québec

Ronnie Spady | @
Designing Women is my all time favorite show. And the very lovely and talented actress Delta Burke played my favorite character of all time in television, the sassy and brassy Suzanne Sugarbaker. A character that i could so identify with. Friends still today lovingly refer to me as Suzanne. When Delta and 'Suzanne' were going through their unfortunate weight gain. So was i. And being a local beauty pageant winner myself...i knew the heartache and humiliation 'they' were feeling. i will always be thankful of the very special episode 'they shoot fat women don't they' it broke alot of ground and blew a whole through the usual stereotypes associted with 'real size' individuals. if i ever got the chance to meet Delta i would simply say...Thank-you. Thankyou for being true to yourself and inspiring me to go on as well. There are angels here on earth....and Delta Burke is one of them.
15 November 2000 - Anchorage, Alaska

I absolutely LOVE Designing Women! I watch it every chance I get! My favorite is Julia! She tells it like it is!
10 November 2000 - New York

Sue Welton | @
I have really enjoyed watching the re-runs on Lifetime the last couple of years. No matter how many times I have seen the episode, I still laugh, cry and smile with each one. The original cast members were truly a great joy to watch. I do hope they consider doing a reunion of some sorts. Thank you for inspiring my life with your stories.
3 November 2000 - Canton, OH

Valerie Freerksen | @
'Designing Woman' is the best show ever.
3 November 2000 - Mililani, HI

Tinsley | @
hey all, i just absolutey love this site and DW. i have almost every episode on tape from lifetime. i love every single character!! especially Julia!! if nothing else is on tv...i pull out one of DW tapes and watch the whole thing. this is a great show!!
31 October 2000 - Glen Allen, VA

Mary Peabody | @
I think Desiging Women is the best tv sitcom ever. I don't have a favorite. I think they all made the show including Anthony. I would love to see a reunion. I watch the reruns every chance I get. My family sometimes thinks i am crazy for always watching it, but it makes me laugh. I could watch the reruns hundreds of times. I have a 6 year old grandaughter that now watches it with me. My daughter says i have her hooked on it. (which is easy to do) They just don't make sitcoms like that anymore. Once again i must say DW is the BEST!!!
30 October 2000 - Corydon, Indiana

Debi Campbell | @
I love your website! It's a great tribute to some special people.
29 October 2000 - Midland, MI

Mary Lucy | @
Designing Women is my absolute favorite show. I get up early every morning just to watch it, and I record the other episodes. I love all of the characters, and there is no way I could pick just one as my favorite! They portray Southern women to the T and make them look as good as they are! Here's to a great show!
26 October 2000 - Baton Rouge, LA

Irene Thomas | @
I just wanted to say I have enjoyed watching the shows and I wonder if there was ever going to be a reunion show of the orginal cast in the future.
13 October 2000 - Fremont, CA

Katrina Hunter | @
I love DW!!! It is my favorite show. It's gotten so bad that I have evey episode on tape and I even still watch it on Lifetime television. I know all the episodes and almost very line by's scary!!!
12 October 2000 - Montgomery, Alabama

Laura Bruce | @
Cool site!! Loved it!! I'm a huge fam of DW and I'm so glad that there's a site to pay tribute!
9 October 2000

John | @
What a delight to find this site, a tribute to my favorite show!
Thank you!
8 October 2000 - Agawam, MA

Sara Huntington | @
I am only 14 but I am such a huge fan of Designing Women. I watch it every chance I get. My friends think I am wierd that I watch it so much but I can't get enough of it. My favorite character is Julia. I love her humor and I think she is so pretty. I hope Lifetime keeps the re-runs showing for a long time. This is absolutly the best show!
8 October 2000 - Sacramento, CA

Pat Chaffin | @
I just finished watching the Designing Women episode where Suzanne goes to her 1974 class reunion. I was thoroughly impressed. It was one of the best ones I have ever seen. I really wish it would come back (besides just re-runs) with all the original ladies; it was never as good with the ones that came later.
6 October 2000 - Bryan, TX

Scott | @
I LOVE DESIGNING WOMEN!!!! My mom got me hooked on it a year ago, and I cannot stop watching it. Delta Burke and Dixie Carter are SOOO FUNNY!!!! I hope lifetime keeps this show on for a long time to come!
30 September 2000 - Oklahoma

Britni | @
jean smart and delta burke are my two fovorites. i love the show it's one of my favorites shows of all time!!!
27 September 2000 - Roxboro, N.C.

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