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As Designing Women begins, recently widowed Julia Sugarbaker -- known as the Terminator because of her fiery tongue -- has assembled a group of women to form the Sugarbaker's Design Firm. Read about Julia's long history as the series' matriarchal figure.


Julia's late husband's secretary, Charlene, becomes the office manager and invests half of her own savings. Trusting with a heart of gold, Charlene's naive nature leads to a terrible track record with men, but ultimately rewards her with true love.

Mary Jo

One of Charlene's best friends is Mary Jo. Newly divorced and on her own, Mary Jo becomes one of the firm's interior designers and a full partner. Follow her gradual transition from agreeable single mom to hell on wheels.


Julia's thrice divorced, spoiled yet lovable sister, Suzanne, is the front-person for the company -- her job being to have lots of lunches and solicit new business. Learn all about this brassy and sassy ex-beauty queen, from her pet pig to her stint as Congresswoman!


Anthony is hired just out of prison to be the Sugarbaker delivery man. Ultimately becoming full partner and eventually a lawyer, Anthony is always on the scene as a male sounding board and victim of uncomfortable female topics -- and Suzanne's outrageous requests.


Season Six introduces us to Charlene's baby sister, Carlene -- newly divorced and less sophisticated than her sister. Never having been outside of her home town, wide-eyed Carlene is ready to take on the big city and fill in when her sister moves to England.


Also in Season Six, the bossy little Sugarbaker cousin, Allison, bowls into town with her Obnoxious Personality Disorder, takes over Suzanne's shares in the company and tries to take over her house -- which Anthony is already renting!


The wealthy and sarcastic B. J. agrees to give the firm some much needed cash flow after Allison pulls her money out of the firm in season seven. Find out how she deals with her husband's sudden death by bringing some oomph into Sugarbaker's.

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