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Caroline | @
I have been watching Designing Women for almost a year now. I know that is not long, but ever since my mom sat me down to watch the reunion with her, I thought it was one of the classiest shows I've ever seen! This proves that you don't need any crude humor to make a show absolutely hilarious! Thanks so much to Designing Women for giving something other than the 'normal' comedy to people who actually don't find that crude stuff funny. I guess that makes us, maybe .2/4 of the population? Oh, well. More power to us!
11 May 2004 - Maryland (although I'm always staying a Texas girl)

Aude | @
Hi! I'm french and huge fan of DELTA..i tremendously wish to get in contact with some others..Delta is unfortunetly totally unknown in France and i do feel lonely. So please don't hesitate and email..i look forward to hear from ya guys !
09 May 2004 - FRANCE

les banda | @
i was very thrilled to be a part (second assistant director) of this wonderful show.
the memories will live in my heart forever.
28 April 2004 - chiang mai, thailand

Thom Bray | @
I had the great good fortune to write for these marvelous ladies when I first started as a writer. My writing partner Michael Ross and I had the thrill of sending down scripts and getting 125% back. I'll never forget that experience!
20 March 2004 - Portland, OR

Sharon Campbell | @
I saw Meshach Taylor last night in Burbank. He was so nice and friendly. Some actors in this area are gaurded because they think everyone wants their autograph. This gentleman was the exact opposite: a real person and super sweet! If you read this Mr Taylor, I was the girl buying the corned beef and cabbage and wearing a snoopy leprechaun pin. You are so nice!
18 March 2004 - Burbank, CA

Debbie Taft-Reach
Thank heaven for Lifetime television! I love the ORIGINAL group of Designing Women! I wish they would come back!!!!
16 March 2004 - Talladega, Alabama

jolene middleton | @
i'm a college freshman and have been watching designing women since i was in the first grade. i don't how i did, but i wouldn't change it for anything. by the way this site is the most organized designing women fansite out there!
18 January 2004 - cross,sc

11 January 2004

Erika | @
I love this site, designing women are the best! they rock!
21 December 2003 - Florida

Patricia Hill
Designing Women was always one of the best shows on television. They don't make them like that anymore. I love all the original cast members. I love Julia's speeches -- you don't hear any like that now. Thanks for this site!
17 December 2003 - North Carolina

lisa | @
Delta, you are a very special person to me. Working through your depression like you are is great to hear. I'm bipolar so i know how hard it can be. I watch your show everyday it's on and love it. I watched your Designing Women and reunion also. You are a very strong person in my eyes.
15 December 2003 - ohio

J Jessee | @
The ladies of that show made TV worth watching!
04 December 2003 - Johnson City, TN

Sandra Cats | @
Nice and thought filled site you've got here!
12 November 2003 - US

L. Delano | @
I thoroughly enjoyed the series. My daughter's and I have spent much time together watching in reruns. I have alwayed hoped for a reunion type series or at least a reunion movie special. The humor on the series was so incredibly funny. One of my favorite episodes was when Anthony dressed up like Suzanne's maid for immigration and when Anthony and Suzanne did the male auction.
13 October 2003

Erica Mastrangelo | @
This is an awesome Designing Women site! they are the best!
12 October 2003 - Bradenton, FL

Carlos | @
As I 20something male I have to say that I wish everyday I meet a girl like either one of these women. Even Suzanne.
22 August 2003 - Oceanside, Ca

christopher | @
i can not tell you how much laughter and joy this show has brought me! being from the south, you know what the ladies are going through(some of it), but i can whatch it over and over. i really do miss the show, i would love to see the show back with the ORIGINAL characters. you know, today's version. same house and same story line.
17 August 2003 - lexington tennessee

Regina L. Pinkney | @
I always wanted to see fiesty women on TV that weren't in a murder story. These women reflect the relationship of my friends. But there is also a Julia, Charlene, Mary Jo and Suzanne in me, and at times they all come out in me. My husband-to-be watches these shows with me, and he tries to see which I am all the time. He says if you put all the women into one, you would have me. Lucas and I have the relationship that Julia and Reese have and it's wonderful. I learned a lot about relationships from these shows --especially the show where Julia keeps running into the newsstand.
Thanks for all the years I have watched and for bringing the Designing Women Reunion. I have watched from the very first show until the very last and then the reunion and will continue to do so. I have seen all the repeats a least five or more apiece.
I know what Delta Burke was going through at the time she was ill, as I suffer with Clinical Depression (Manic Depression). It's not easy, and I congratulate her on continuing success with the illness. It not widely accepted, everyone thinks you can just make it go away, because you cannot see the illness.
Thanks for bringing it up on the reunion.
09 August 2003 - Houston, Texas 77016

Helen VanPatterson Patten
I love the site, especially the section on Julia's tirades. My favorites are the Miss Teen Pagent and when Payne brings home Primy.
07 August 2003

Linda | @
I really loved this show and wish it were still on the air. Happy to know about the reunion. While I loved all the designers, I want to acknowledge Delta Burke as my personal favorite. Her timing and sense of humor were razor-sharp, her courage while she faced the challenge of gaining weight as a former beauty queen with the inherent expectations imposed by society (and self) -- inspiring. Having gone from high school yearbook queen to gaining 100 pounds, I could relate. I am certain her struggle -- both on the air and personally -- touched all of us who are 'big, beautiful women'. Thanks also to the writers and producers/directors for their contribution to timeless entertainment with provocative and morally uplifting story lines, and their willingness to tackle politically risky topics on air.
05 August 2003 - San Antonio, Texas

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