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Jean McDonald | @
Dixie was a influential person on Designing Women with a great sense of humor. My favorite episode was when she sang "How Great Thou Art." This song always (and still does) give me the chills. She will be missed and may she rest in peace. Grief is the price we pay for love.
18 April 2010 - Drexel Hill, PA

Vikki Godberson | @
I am so sad that Dixie Carter has passed. My favorite episode was when she sang "How Great thou Art". She had a voice as pure as honey and she made me laught often.
12 April 2010 - Gibbon, NE

Diana Johnson | @
I am truly saddened by the loss of Dixie Carter. She was to me a very poised, attractive, and gracious lady. Her character actually helped me in a lot of ways She was my favorite character on Designing Women. My deepest symphathy to the family.
12 April 2010 - Leland,MS

Jo Anne | @
Feels like a friend is gone.
13 April 2010

Joyce G | @
My sincere condolences to Dixie Carter's family. What a heartbreaking loss. I admired Dixie and the rest of the cast of Designing Women for taking on current subjects not only relevant to women but to the world as well. They did it with grace, humor and style like no other show at that time. I am sure many others like me wished we could watch Dixie, Delta, Annie and Jean forever, but alas great things always come to an end and we are left only with our lovely memories of a show which will never have an equal. Rest in Peace, Dixie Carter. I know you are in heaven right now leading the choir of angels in "How Great Thou Art".
12 April 2010 - York, Pa

Tara Burnett | @
I am heartbroken. This has been my most favorite show ever and I am very sad to hear of Dixie Carter's passing. Rest in Peace Dixie
13 April 2010 - Phoenix Az

pj | @
The wit, charm, and humor of a Southern Lady was lost this week. Miss Dixie was the icon of a generation where women learned the Southern Way of "speaking your mind" which left no doubt on how you felt, but you still was a lady after speaking your mind. May Miss Dixie Family find peace in knowing what a impact and influence this Southern Lady made on my generation.
13 April 2010 - beaumont, texas

Ginnette | @
Heaven received a beautiful angel. My condolences go out to her family. She was an amazing actress, and will be greatly missed.
12 April 2010 - Texas

kelly | @
Dixie Carter's portrayal of Julia Sugarbaker is one of the best characters in TV history. Rest in Peace Dixie Carter, you will be missed!
13 April 2010 - little rock, ar

Kurt | @
I loved watching Designing Women. One of my favorite parts of a episode was when the magazine stand across from Julia's house was selling a magazine that she didn't aprove of. I can still hear her spelling out her name: J-U-L-I-A S-U-G-A-R-B-A-K-E-R.

The TV industry has lost a class act.

My sympathy to her family.
12 April 2010 - Lebanon, Tennessee

sherry Morales eason | @
dixie carter was an of a kind. a treaure and a true southern bell. RIP dixie you will be missed. see ya someday.sweet N Louisiana
12 April 2010 - shreveport La

Wynette | @
To lose Dixie Carter is a loss to the world of entertainment and to humanity. As Julia Sugarbaker she flew higher, spoke louder and carried a big stick for all of us. To hear her sing "How Great Thou Art", dance and sing "Sweet Georgia Brown," and give impassioned speeches is something to see and NEVER Forget. Condolences to her family, friend and fans. She will be missed.
12 April 2010 - Houston, TX

LISA | @
May she rest in peace she will be missed i loved the show designing women my heart goes out to her family
12 April 2010 - wyoming

Randy Mason | @
Our Julia, our Dixie, THE Terminator is now in Heaven but always in our hearts.
12 April 2010 - Dallas, TX

TP | @
I have been a fan of Designing Women from the first episode in the 80's to today watching the 3rd season dvd this week. Dixie Carter was southern grace and steel personified, both in character and real life. The world has lost an amazing soul and heaven has gained one. Rest in peace, Dixie Carter.
12 April 2010 - Alabama

PW | @
I was saddened to hear that Dixie Carter is no longer with us. As children growing up in Mississippi in the 80's we would always watch Designing Women and assign who everyone would be according to our personalities. And being the proper little girl that I was, I was chosen to be Julia Sugarbaker which I was happy with. While reading through some of the message boards after her passing one word always pops up -lady- and I couldn't agree more. Dixie was always gracious and unbelievably kind. She will be missed greatly by A LOT OF PEOPLE!
12 April 2010 - Jackson

Honey | @
May the family of Dixie Carter accept my sincere sympathy. Dixie was truly loved and respected by millions. The world is a little less interesting today.
12 April 2010 - Bethel Park, PA

Richard Ian Tracy | @
I am very sad at the news of Dixie Carter's death. I've spent more hours of my adult life with the ladies of Designing Women than I have my family. And "Julia" is certainly the character with whom I identify most. Such a stellar example of natural grace, unassuming class, worldly wit & uniquely Southern charm . I aspire to that! :-) Thank you, Dixie, for all you gave us.
12 April 2010 - Atlanta, GA / London, UK

Gwen Powers | @
My Hero, then, now and forever. It may have only been a script and actors but the influence for women was so far reaching that gratful seems like a less than perfect word. I'm glad the DVD will keep Dixie and the show alive. I only have one but will soon have the rest.
12 April 2010 - Grand Rapids, MI

Jaime | @
Dixie had it all - brains, beauty, talent, class, humor, style and grace. She was a remarkable woman who left a positive impact on everyone she came in contact with. As Julie Sugarbaker she gave women everywhere a role model to aspire to and gay men an icon to cherish. She was taken from us much too soon and will be fondly remembered by her fans for years to come. Dixie's passing is truly "The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia"!
12 April 2010 - Tampa, Florida

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