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Jon Ross | @
This show was the best ever. When are the DVD sets going to be released? Help, gotta have those great shows to watch! Let us fan know whats up. Thanks! JR
01 September 2005 - Dallas, Texas

Deedee | @
It still makes me laugh all the great episodes of DW. My best one was when Anthony had to stay the night with Suzanne in the hotel through the snow storm. I cant wait until all the shows come out on DVDs
26 August 2005 - Canada

Susanne Forte
Sad to see it go, bring it to DVD!
17 July 2005 - Fort Lauderdale

Bryan Strickland | @
I have been a fan of DW every since it was on the air and all through the reruns. I sat (alternately laughing and crying) for hours reading your quotes today. I accidently stumbled on the website today for the first time while looking at the old victorian houses here in Little Rock. I have toured the inside of the Villa Marie and go by it often as I visit that area of town. I'm saddened to report it is not being maintained as it deserves to be. Many thanks go to all the people that made the show and this web site a success. I'm with Charlene, 'Julia is my hero' (heroine)!
10 July 2005 - Little Rock, Arkansas

Designing Women was & still is the best show that's been on TV, along with I Love Lucy. I watched every season & still watch all the reruns on Lifetime channel. Those ladies & Anthony are a riot. Keep those reruns coming & hurry & get the DVD made.
13 June 2005 - Florida

Helen Adam
Just loved the show am happy that they have finally brought out a DVD and hope they keep doing so.
06 June 2005 - London UK

Mary Whiting Duff | @
'Designing Women' was a first rate show featuring excellent writing and acting by real pros. That combination is sorely missed on television for the most part. We miss you ladies!!
03 April 2005 - Rochester Hills

Sharla Percell | @
Designing Women a wonderful series that women can relate to and men can enjoy.
The BEST TV SERIES ever made! It makes me laugh, cry and smile...what a way to relax with these true 'southern women.' Thank you for years of pure enjoyment.
26 March 2005 - Kennesaw, GA

Missy | @
I just want to thank the wonderful gals of DW for all of the laughs (even if it were through tears sometimes!).
24 February 2005 - Hudson, Ohio

Kate Dougherty | @
Designing Women is my favorite tv show of all time. I would like to see a trivia game made out of this show. This show needs to stay on forever and never taking off of the show-same with Any Day Now. Any Day Now is just as good as Designing Women and it needs to remain on lifetime. Some of the other shows like The Nanny is to be taken off the air. Any Day Now should replace The Nanny. Because, Any Day Now is about the civil rights movement and we all can learn from this show and Designing Women to. Both of the shows Designing Women and Any Day Now are the real shows that need to be on, because they can teach us a lot about life. The other tv shows really don't. They need to remain on full time and never never take them of for good. Nothing should replace Designing Women and Any Day Now.
21 February 2005 - Great Bend, Kansas

Kathy | @
I just spent 3 hours here remembering this show. What a grand way of memorializing the show. I miss seeing it and loved the memories visiting here brought back. Thanks Kathy
17 January 2005

Hi! First of all, I just want to say how much I love this site! I have been a huge fan of DW for years, and it is wonderful to have a resource like this. I have a question about the episode 'Ted-Bare' from season 2. Does anyone have a transcript of the speech that Mary Jo gives to Ted at the end of the episode, after she gets off the phone with J.D.? If so, could you please post it here? That is one of my favorite episodes, and I think it is one of Mary Jo's finest moments. I hope the full seasons come out on DVD, so that I can have that episode and all the rest! Thanks so much for your help!
11 January 2005 - Illinois

Dustin | @
It's nice to know the creator of this fab. show is from the state, and just 15 mins. away from where I live!! DW is such an amazing show and I could never get enough of it. Each character was special in there own way, and I LOVED AG as Bernice!
14 December 2004 - Dexter, MO

erica | @
love the site!! im so excited delta's going 2 be on broadway again!
02 December 2004 - Bradenton

Shawnie Sloan | @
Bless you, Bless you, Bless you!
This is the best website I have ever seen. And Designing Women is the best show the has ever been produced. I love every show made. There was one show that they all went up to a cabin. And the song from that show was, So good when your bad. If it was not for this website I may never have found out the person who sang it. I love on your site that it has song that the girls sang on the show. Please keep this site going.
Thanks Shawnie Sloan
24 October 2004 - E. Wenatchee, Washington USA

Abigail Hobson | @
I love Designing Women! I think that this show was a classic, is still a classic and will always be a classic. I just hope that my children can watch and enjoy as much as I have.
23 October 2004 - Cincinnati, Ohio

A friend ;) | @
Am currently working with Dixie on a project and if I wasn't a fan before (I was!) I am one now. I have never, in my life, met a sweeter, more talented woman. Bless her for that :)
Great page -- I'm having a blast reliving all these DW memories!
28 September 2004

Justin | @
I want Designing Women on DVD more than anything. I think if it came down to food or the DW DVDs, I'd choose the DVDs. I am so mad that Lifetime has relegated the series to crappy time slots now. What ever happened to being able to see about 6 episodes a day!?
26 August 2004 - St. Louis, MO

Kristy | @
Just wondering about this - I've seen a clip of Bernice singing her hilarious impromptu 'Black man! Black man!' song and I'm trying to find out if there's a particular episode which really features this (assuming there's more than one). From what I can tell, the song debuted on the episode featuring Mary Jo's brother and his hunting trip with Quint (had Doe in the title). Was this something she sang periodically throughout the rest of the series? Seems like I can remember being pre-occupied on the computer, listening to the show in the background and hearing Bernice sing it a few times in one episode, but I don't know which episode it was. Thanks for your help. Bernice and Anthony together were priceless.
17 August 2004 - Mansfield, TX

  You're correct. The episode was "Just Say Doe," but it became a regular thing after that.

I could watch Julia's fabulous, shapely legs all day long!!
09 August 2004

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