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Geji McKinney Banks | @
My condolences to the Taylor family. I just found out the news of Meshach's passing. I used to watch Designing Women years ago and was glad to see that he was on the show to give it a little extra. Thats how i came to know of Mr. Taylor. RIP.
14 July 2014 - minneapolis, minnesota

Sunshine and Mally | @
Thank you for great memories made by your show. My daughter and I love the show (reruns) and still laugh and cry at our favorite episodes. You showed class, style and that women are smart and strong - THANK YOU
13 July 2014

Natasha | @
I still can't believe Meshach Taylor has passed. I guess he's fluttering his angel wings with Dixie Carter now. I grew up watching this wonderful show that showed the world that southerners aren't a bunch of guffaws but intelligent and funny people and I hope to grow old watching the reruns. Rest easy, Meshach (Anthony). You were loved.
4 July 2014 - Raleigh, North Carolina

I always held out hope for a reunion show. Now, not so much. Rest in peace Meshach Taylor. Thank you for the laughs.
30 June 2014 - Mobile, Alabama

Diane | @
Love this show still!! Watch it whenever I can find it on still laughing like it's the first time Julia, Suzanne, Mary Jo and Charlene of don't forget Anthony and Bernice have lifted my spirits many days thank you for years of laughter! !
29 June 2014 - Tuscaloosa, al

sherry morales eason | @
It saddens me to hear that that our beloved Anthony / Meshach Taylor has gone to his heavenly reward.
June 28th 2014. He's up there with our Dixie now.
29 June 2014

Lisa Weiner | @
To Meshach Taylor, You were a very talented actor. I enjoyed watching you on the sitcom Designing Women. My prayers go to your family and friends. Lisa Weiner
29 June 2014 - Brooklyn, NY

Brian Doty | @
This is my favorite TV show of all time. I still watch it everyday.
15 June 2014 - Louisville, Ky.

Rae Anne Leimbach | @
I miss this show so much! Sass, innocence, and beauty!
8 June 2014 - Summerville, SC

Patricia N. | @
THRILLED to find this on TV - best thing to watch. Hope it keeps on the air. Laughed so hard I could barely stay in my chair!!!
5 June 2014 - Mesquite, Texas

Gail Mahnke | @
This was and is my favorite tv show of all times!! I even named my girls 8 ball pool team " Designing Women ", because of my love for the show.
11 May 2014 - Battle Creek, Michigan

Brian Donnelly | @
As a young, female improviser and comedian in Boston, I hear a lot of people debate whether women can be funny or not. As far as I'm concerned, any uncertainty was put to rest in September of 1986 when Designing Women first hit the air. As much as I love Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, Dixie Carter and Delta Burke were the pioneering women of comedy. Every time I get on stage, I do my best to channel Julia by speaking my mind and being honest. If a male improviser tries to steamroll me or ask me to "make a sandwich," I come back with some of that trademark Julia sass (of course while still accepting the offer and yes&ing!). If any of you DW heads are ever in Boston, swing by ImprovBoston on a Thursday night at 7:30 to check out my improvised tribute to the show, "D-Dubs"!!! Bri Bri
12 March 2014 - Cambridge, MA

MortensOrchid | @
This was one of the all time greatest shows in TV history! Hard to believe it's been so long since it was last on the air and that Alice Ghostly and Dixie Carter are no longer with us. It's still one of the most witty, clever and brash of all sitcoms on their adventures, especially the ones with Bernice. It will live on in our hearts forever, thanks for all the yucks.
13 February 2014 - Cleveland, OH

Dustin Adams | @
I absolutely adore this show and am so happy to have found this website! One of the best written and acted shows ever! Some of the storylines were so powerful!!!
12 February 2014 - Atlanta, GA

Hellzbells | @
My whole family was devoted to this show; we loved every episode that the original four women were featured. We still quote lines from it. I wish my cable co still played this show, as some cable networks do.
27 January 2014 - Bow, New Hampshire

So glad you're here on the web! Designing Women is like a warm blanket to my soul--I fall asleep to this show every single night. I love the show, love the characters, and love the writing. And, I'm glad to have such a forum on the web for others who love the show as much as I do!!
16 November 2013 - Washington, DC

Patrick Collura | @
By far the best show in years, the original cast with delta burke was the best. My favorite episode is "They Shoot Fat Women, Don't They?" -- so touching, and the conversation between Julia and Suzanne is just a classic scene. I miss those shows and the great cast.
2 July 2013 - United States

DW was one of the best shows ever to air. I love that it depicts Southerners as bright, funny, intelligent and thoughful. This particular episode was poetic and one of my favorites.
15 June 2013

Adriana Smith
I currently DVR re-runs. They run on the "TV network" in my area. I probably watch 2 or 3 episodes a day. My mother and I used to watch them together and I can't get enough. These women were before their time in so many ways. Political, social, and Fashion forward. i miss the 80's! And Anthony!. What a huge contribution!
10 May 2013 - California

I watched this when it first aired and continue to watch the re-runs. These women were fantastic along with the storylines and clothing. Just so funny. I watch in the evening when I come home from a stressful day and all just seems to disappear with laughter. Thank you ladies for all the laughs. Dixie you are missed!
19 April 2013 - Dallas, TX

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