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Khriste | @
I always admired Delta Burke and her character Suzanne Sugarbaker. Both were so very relatable to me and my life. I had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Burke and for a brief moment she took my breathe away. Thank you Mrs. Burke for being so real and honest to your fans about your life. You have paved a way for women to graciously walk down!
1 December 2009 - Mount Airy, NC

Evelyn | @
What can I say? Designing Women was a simply brilliant show. I loved it back then, still love it now and will always love it. My favorite person was Julia, she is like me, she is the truth teller, and she is afraid of no one. I wish all of you guys a healthy, happy and long life. I love you all.
11 September 2009 - New York

Elizabeth Richardson | @
I am so glad it is on DVD. I have been waiting & watching for this for years.
20 July 2009 - Arkansas

Matthew C | @
I love "Designing Women" it's my all-time favorite sitcom and was an inspiration to me growing up. As a gay boy who was very confused this show helped me find my way and helped shape my feminist principals.
5 July 2009 - Rhode Island

David | @
The belles of Designing Women help cure my Southern blues every day! I'm a Southern boy living in San Diego, California, and watching DW reminds me of the great memories I have of growing up and living in Atlanta. The sharp and witty humor of DW is something I've rarely been able to enjoy since it went off the air. But, it lives on in reruns and now DVD!! Yeehaw!! Ladies, you keep "Georgia On My Mind" all the time!!
23 June 2009 - San Diego, California

Carnell | @
I am a HUGE fan of Designing Women. I've watched the show from the beginning. I bought the Best of Designing Women in 2003. It just wasn't enough. I heard that the first season of Designing Women was releases on dvd "Finally" I bought it within the first week. Can't wait until "Season II" August 11th.
17 June 2009

Pamela Jones | @
It's about time!! Finally the series is on dvd. I've been advocating for this for a long time. Even sent emails to Sony about the music problem.
7 June 2009 - Red Oak, Iowa

Candi | @
I'm so excited about the release of the 1st Season of DW. I love this show and remember watching all the episodes with my mom. I loved Bernice wearing her "Christmas Tree Skirt" and working the Drive-Thru at Burger Guy lol!! I can't wait :)
27 February 2009 - Grand Prairie,TX

Jim | @
Hello I am designingwomenfan from youtube and I have looked over this for a long time now and have enjoyed the comments written here on these beautiful people.It's crazy but sometimes I read things written about them and it seems as if they live next door or something, like I should run out and help them.Crazy huh?? lol.anyway I only wanted to say this and hope that you will post it and also enjoy my clips I posted on youtube.Thanks for a WONDERFUL SITE.
26 February 2009 - Conyers, Ga.

Todd & Tommy | @
I just read that the complete season one DVD is coming out May 26th 2009 through the distributor Shout Factory.
20 February 2009 - San Antonio, Texas

Raven | @
My stars I am so excited that the dvds are really going to be available. The only chance we have to watch is 4am on the east coast. Thanks for everyone pressing to get it released!! GOOD JOB
14 February 2009 - georgia

Guy | @
I was delighted to learn that at long last season one of Designing Women is finally being released on DVD!. I love this show, it is clever, witty, charming and hilarious. I love Suzanne and I have so many happy memories of better times associated with this show. What a treat it will be to at last own full seasons on DVD!!
13 February 2009 - London UK

Brandie | @
I aspire to be as beautiful and witty as Julia, as sweet as Charlene, as unaware as Suzanne, and as powerful as Mary Jo. I am from the South and have been watching this show since its first episode when I was a little over 2 years old. I have watched it everytime it has been on my television and never get tired of seeing every episode. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get it out on DVD so that we may watch it any time we want! I miss it so much!!!!
12 February 2009 - Stephens, Arkansas

Carla | @
Only 110 or so more days, everyone! May 26 is the release date for Season 1- FINALLY! We've had Sigmund the Sea Monster on dvd for 3 years for crying out loud!!
8 February 2009 - Indiana

Angie | @
I am so starved for DW that I'm watching chopped up versions on You Tube! DW was something that can never be replicated. Smart, funny, sassy, full of heart and GOT women without playing down to them (or men for that matter). I love SATC.but it will never outclass the ladies of DW. Bring on the FULL SERIES DVD now. Please!!!!
4 February 2009 - Roseville, CA

Dan | @
One of the Best shows on TV and sadly in Canada it's not broadcast in Reruns
And Sony has yet to Release it on DVD each season, guess they have to much money and don't need more. Cause I would be getting this series the day in comes out in stores. The writting on this show was groudbreaking and just amazing. Great Show lets pray it gets released on DVD someday
16 January 2009 - Canada

Stacy | @
I am wondering why this show has not come out on DVD. Every other show in the free world has, and now that they've taken it off TV Land, I don't know how I can ever watch it!
11 January 2009 - Benton, IL

Kim | @
I still watch the reruns on tv, this show is one of the best and I keep hoping that they will bring the series to DVD so that we can enjoy it anytime we want. I am 45 years old and could watch this series over and over again. Thank you to all of the actors and to Linda Bloodsworth for creating such a wonderful program.
24 December 2008 - California

Rae | @
I think Suzanne Sugarbaker will always be a lot of people's favorite t.v. character. No one quite like her had ever been on t.v. before, or since. She is just one-of-a-kind, and so is Delta Burke for always playing Suzanne so damn well. I wish her much continued success and happiness.
4 December 2008 - The South (Good Old Virginia)

Zariah | @
I am from a small caribbean island called st.lucia. I have really enjoyed your sitcomes and my wish one day is to meet the cast. God bless all of your for the joy and inspiration you have brought to my life.
19 November 2008 - St.Lucia

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