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Susan Schofield | @
I very much love Designing Women. Every actor or actress plays their roll very well. Dixie Carter is a mentor of mine. She speaks and handles herself with great dignity and grace and amases me how she does it with such a lady like manner to her. I hope that maybe I can do the same. She's a very big inspiration to all.
5 May 2000 - USA

Deborah B.
DW is one of my favorite shows ever on tv. I really like the way 'julia' speaks her mind. My favorite character was charlene. Pretty cool site you all.
3 May 2000 - USA

Anita D. Harvin | @
I love the show Designing Women and the cast from the show. I watch it every chance I get. I would love it if they started a new season, because I am their biggest fan.
2 May 2000 - USA

Louis Barcia | @
Hi! I love 'Designing Women'. The writing was perfectly done by all the brilliant writers, the casting directors were the brightest as they chose the cast which ruled the tube for seven perfected seasons, and everything jived... all the time. I watch the shows in re-runs, over and over again. I know almost every line to the episodes, and I love the show naturally.
27 April 2000 - USA

Nikki Caruso | @
I love the way y'all redid the web site. I love DW, more than I could ever really put into words, so I'm not going to even try. All of the actress are so talented, story lines great, & the characters are so, well, southern! Oh! I forgot to mention how much I LOVE all the photos! Keep up the great work!
24 April 2000 - LA

Jon Acello | @
A few years ago, I met John Paul on the net and started talking to him about 'Women of the House.' I sent him some pictures and articles and the next thing I know, we've got this massive website started. I thought it would be cool to have a good DW site on the net but I never dreamed the DWT would get the fan response that it's gotten. I'm proud to have been involved in getting this started, but I only got the ball rolling by sending him some of the early pictures and articles on his site. JP took the helm and has brought his DW Tribute Page to phenomenal heights, far exceeding what I would have done with it. In a very short amount of time, his little website, which started out as episode guides and character profiles for DW and WotH, has grown into huge respectable website, which now boasts a fan club and contacts with cast and crew. I'm glad to see that all his hard work has paid off, and I hope he continues to get support from the fans that hold these women so dear to their hearts. Keep up the incredible work, buddy!
23 April 2000 - USA

Kristen | @
This is the best DW fansite I've seen. I'm glad someone paid tribute to this often overlooked show. It was, and still is, a VERY funny show!
22 April 2000 - USA

Britney | @
I love DW almost
as much as I love my real family! The whole cast does seem like family. John Paul, Amie, and everyone else who worked on this page, CONGRATS! This is TERRIFIC! This is the very first page on my list of favorites, and it will stay that way for a LONG time! Designing Women is sort of like a diamond in a pile of semi-precious gems. Once you come over a show like that, it will never be forgotten, but neither will any of the many semi-precious gems. The diamond will just stand out more. And Designing Women has. It's broken the tradition by having an almost all female cast, and it's covered womens rights, which are very important and not many other shows had done this before DW.
21 April 2000 - USA

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