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Gina | @
Bernice's sanity hearing. It just doesn't get any funnier than that!
26 January 2012 - Hot Springs, AR

Jill | @
I am thrilled to find this website. My New Year's resolution is to be more like Julia!
7 January 2012 - Little Rock, AR

BRENDA Ray Kiser | @
I wish there were real women with the morals and the ability to express them as well as these women do. Thank God for reruns. It is still a joy to watch women deal with life without putting everything out there for the world to see.
29 October 2011 - CONCORD

Rich Blake | @
Always loved the show! Used to tape it with the VCR, and watch them over and over again with friends and laugh our heads off. Suzanne with her pig, OMG. I loved Julia too. So sorry Dixie is no longer with us, she was amazing. Heaven got alot sassier, and fun with her around. God bless her.
27 September 2011 - Boston, MA

Bri | @
I was looking for the name of the song playing at the end of the ski lodge episode and came across this site-KOODOS! I was not a fan when the show first aired, but I became a true fan watching the reruns. I would always look forward to Julia speaking her mind. R.I.P. Julia and Bernice.
16 April 2011 - Brooklyn Ny

Nusrat Raza | @
I was deeply saddened to hear that Dixie is no longer with us. My deepest condolences to Mr. Hal Holbrook, Ginna, Mary Dixie, the Designing Women cast and all fans. May her soul rest in peace. She will always be in my heart.
20 March 2011 - Karachi, Pakistan

Rebecca Buonamici | @
I have enjoyed Designing Women since it first aired back in the 80's. Especially the character of Julia Sugarbaker, who I am told I emulate. However, I enjoy all the cast. It took that combination to make the show unique.
5 March 2011 - Little Rock, AR

Margaret | @
This show is just amazing, and I am in awe of the extensive site y'all have built here!
1 February 2011 - The Netherlands

Edward | @
Dear Belles & Anthony, thank you for making my life so easy as a gay male, I use to just identify with all the women on the show, expecially Julia, I still use her charm, grace and sword like tongue when needed, very clean and never too much, the person always understands what i am saying. Yes you made my life a blessing all of you. I wish they would run more shows in NYC so we can see the reruns, Kudos cast and the Executive board Thanks again for a wonderful show. Miss it every day
22 September 2010 - Rosedale/USA

Wanda Sessoms | @
I LOVED DW, always will. Could never decide who I wanted to be Julia or Suzanne!
2 September 2010 - US

marissa h. | @
i just want to say i loved this tv series so much.I'm so glad finally its already on DVD. I'm a huge fan of Jean Smart.
26 July 2010 - Philippines

paul michael alves | @
i still think of the women often, and their memories visit my living room, we debate the same conversations this julia, charlene,suzanne mary-jo, and anthony, and of course bernice with that little arterial flow problem, God bless her!
24 June 2010 - San Francisco,Ca.

Gerri | @
Designing Women has always been one of my favorite shows; smart, classy and downright hilarious! I'm so happy it's finally out on DVD!! Dixie Carter was not only a flawless beauty but a poised and talented woman. May she rest in peace.
21 June 2010 - Philadelphia, PA

Betteena Pizano | @
I just wanted to say that I just loved the show Designing Women very much.Glad to see it is out on DVD. I also was very sad to hear of Ms. Dixie Carter's passing. She was wonderful and will truly be missed.
9 June 2010 - Bisbee, Arizona

Evelyn | @
Designing Women has always been my favorite show, I especially loved Julia, she was beautiful, ever so confident with a sharp wit and oozed self-confidence. Dearest Dixie Carter, you did a great job and I will always miss you and remember you. I also enjoyed the entire cast but Dixie make Julia Sugarbaker a tornado no one could mess with. lol! Rest in peace Julia, may God keep you safely in his arms.
8 June 2010 - New York

Suzette | @
Designing women was one of the best shows I used to watch, as I am a fan of fashion and design!! Great group of classy women!!
4 June 2010 - West Palm baech, Florida

Dana Pettis | @
I named my daughter Julia, largely due to the character Dixie Carter played in this show. Her passing is a great loss to many, and she will be missed.
8 May 2010 - Caledonia, New York

bayoudixiebabe | @
This show has to be the most influential for all Southern girls growing up. To learn how to be a lady and still speak you mind and NEVER be put down by a man or anyone for that matter. Dixie Carter will be missed tremendously. She has added a sweet special voice in the Heavenly Choir for sure. And thank you so very much for finally making the show available on DVD.
25 April 2010 - Sulphur, Louisiana

Pat Ballard | @
Dixie, you brought so many happy memories - rest in peace.
20 April 2010 - Rhode Island

Lexy W | @
Goodbye sweet Dixie.

I just love everything about Designing Women. I own Seasons 1-3 i can't wait for the rest to come on DVD.
19 April 2010 - Westerly,RI

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