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Scarlett White | @
I miss this show so much. It had great story lines and they ranged from funny to serious. And most of all, they were done with grace and taste. Missing DW here in Atlanta, GA USA
9 July 2015 - Bethlehem, GA

I loved this show. I still use some of the catch phrases that I heard on the show.
17 April 2015 - Texas

Heather Cleary | @
Thank you for the episode on self-defense. I must have been around 10 when I saw it, but it stuck with me. There have been two instances when I had to apply what I saw and I remembered that the best weapon I had was my voice.
5 April 2015 - USA

Kimberley Lindeman-Kenny | @
I love this show. I love Julia's rants.
26 March 2015 - Kansas City

Donna A | @
Learned so much about appreciating all types of women in business from DW. This sisterhood stands the test of time, and I will never forget the Night the Lights Went Out in GeorGIA!
7 March 2015 - Texas

Kimberly Griffin | @
I just wanted to say that I love Designing Women. It was one of my fav shows, and the characters on the show are wonderful. I watch reruns every day that it's on, and the actors and actresses on the show are wonderful and talented. I saw Annie Potts on Law and Order: SVU as a lawyer -- different than on the show being a designer, and Delta Burke is a beautiful woman that doesn't need to change a thing about her. All the women and men on the show are just loveable. They made the show.
20 February 2015 - Norman, Oklahoma

Linda Hinote | @
I am so glad that this series came out. Many a day has it brightened. I still watch the reruns and have full intentions of buying the DVD collection. thanks again for the humor.
4 February 2015 - Milton, Florid

Kimberly Probus | @
So happy to find this site! My favorite TV show of all time and I can't wait to order the DVDs. So much amazing talent, gone too soon. I go to a video site to hear Dixie Carter's amazing, uplifting voice and now I can come here! The absolute most moving and spiritual versions of How Great Thou Art and Ave Maria were sung right on my favorite show. Tears streamed down my face as I watched. Love having these amazing women as a part of my life.
3 February 2015 - Williamsburg, KY by way of Tampa, FL

Theo Acker | @
I just treasure my DVD's of this show. There is and never will be another show like this because there will never be another group of characters like these ladies and the one precious 'Anthony'. I just miss them all so much! It saddens my heart that some of them have passed. I will always feel happy and comforted when watching this show and these talented people.
6 January 2015 - Midlothian, Texas

No Way | @
Love this show. My favorite episodes(in order) were probably "I Do, I Don't" because gosh Dixie and Hal were so good on screen together. That episode had the best lines too. the "ball and chain" bit, and the "no he gave me the bird" and the "we'll get married and raise the bird together" yeah. Good stuff. I adored "high rollers" too because of that "edible underwear" bit. Julia said "what" like three times. It was the best. Next, I really enjoyed "Full Moon" mostly because it was inspired by true events. (Those of you who have seen the 2003 reunion know exactly what I am referring to.) And last but not least, "A Little Night Music" was probably the sweetest thing ever. You know Julia. Tough as nails. It's nice to see her have some feelings for once. And God did I hate season 6, so that episode sorta made up for it.
25 December 2014

Karen Hunter | @
I finally bought the the whole series. I love the shows and characters. Especially Julia, who had class and could tell someone off so elegantly. I am now watching the shows over and over.
9 December 2014 - Minnesota

FINALLY! I have the complete series on DVD! Absolutely one of my favorite shows of all time. I can't believe it isn't airing on any channels, other than Logo, which I don't get! I can watch those shows over and over and still laugh like I did the first time.
7 November 2014 - Iowa

Deborah Ford | @
This was and is a classic show with extremely well written dialogue and fabulous actors in each and every part. Too many bad shows have taken over, which is why I no longer watch TV. Blessings on all involved with this show. Thank you.
9 October 2014 - Kent Washington

Aaron Handy III | @
Another DW cast member parts from us. :( In Fond Memoram: JAN HOOKS (1957-2014)
9 October 2014 - New Orleans, LA

Mary Ballard | @
This is my favorite series. The actresses/actors and the characters they portrayed were so real. I wish I could find reruns on someplace, but so far, have had no luck. I truly miss this show. Two favorite episodes - one where Charlene delivered the classic line "OK, where you all from, bitch?" and an episode where Annie Potts had been mugged, and learned self-defense - what empowerment for women. Thank you for a wonderful show.
1 September 2014 - USA

Fox Fine
Designing Women is to Tv Sitcom's as a robust wine is to a connoisseur's palette- rich, filling, delicious and gets better with time. I am thankful to have had been exposed to this show at such a young age, it taught me a lot about life- women's issues,positive Southern portrayal, a wealth of racial barriers crumbling. I felt like the writers and cast of DW stuck up for ALL people. If humanity had a voice, I'd want it to be Julia Sugarbaker's. Thanks for keeping this wonderful website up and running!
28 August 2014

Sid | @
What can one say about one of the most amazing television shows of the 80's except that it would still stand up to everything on TV today. All of the issues that the women were so passionate about then are still relevant today. This was one of the best shows ever. I have all the DVD's now and re-watch them constantly. I always hoped Linda Bloodworth-Thomason would have written a reunion movie before it was too late. In the words of Dash Goff - the writer, "These Southern women. This Suzanne, this Julia, this Mary Jo and Charlene. Thanks for the comfort." .and you too Linda
17 August 2014 - Texas

Jessie Lewis | @
I adore Designing Women! I never tire of watching all the episodes. As a teenager, I watched DW in the late 80s and early 90s. Now as a 40 year old, I still enjoy watching the reruns. My twenty-one year old daughter enjoys the show also. My husband tells me that I am a mix of Suzanne and Julia. Brilliant writing and acting.
1 August 2014 - Hope/Arkansas

Deborah DiPietro | @
Meshach was so funny. Sorry to his family.
24 July 2014 - Hamden, Connecticut

I loved this show. My sympathy to Mr. Taylor's family.
23 July 2014 - Blacksburg

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