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Jamie | @
I just heard that Bernince has passed on :( I cannot believe that she is really gone! She died of colon cancer and a series of strokes. I miss her!
21 November 2007

i have had a love affair with this show since the day it aired. i have seen every episodes there is and i could watch them every day. i taped as many as i could but now my tapes are old and shotty and i long for the day they hit they shelves.they are almost like members of the family.there are few shows that i really love but this is truly the first one on my list.i would gladly pay whatever to have the collection to take me back :)
19 November 2007 - fresno california

Marlene Mathison | @
Thank you for this site. I loved this show. It was well written, feisty, sensitive, and timely.

When I watch the reruns it provokes many fond and some times painful memories
16 November 2007 - St Paul, MN

Gwen | @
I love this show, I never missed an episode when it was on. I am now getting to see it again on TV Land. Fantastic, I just wish that all of the seasons would be made available for purchase on DVD!
6 November 2007 - Falls Church, VA

Christine | @
I love that they still show Designing Women on TV. I just hate that they're getting shorter and shorter. I have most of the episodes memorized and I can tell when they have cut it to bits to add yet another comercial. I can't wait buy the DVDs so I can watch every last bit of my favorite sitcom.
22 October 2007 - Salisbury, New York

don brittingham | @
love the show .hopeing it comes out on dvd.has any one heard nay news on a release date?
8 October 2007 - ofallon,mo 63368

Theresa Poling | @
I love watching Designing Women on Ion Television. I love seeing all episodes over and over again. My Favorite Charater is Charlene.
3 October 2007 - Wichita, Ks

Debbie Beckley | @
The shows were the best in comedy. These 4 women worked so well together with such intelligence and wit. You made me laugh and cry and I didn't miss an episode. Thank you all. You are missed.
3 October 2007 - Phoenix, AZ

Jonathan | @
I just want to say that Ms Alice Ghostley will missed terribly! Truly one of the greatest character actresses of our time. Bernice Clifton will live on and on in my memory, and the memories of thousands of others.
22 September 2007 - Tarpon Springs, Florida

I love this show and know most of the lines in every show. It is just pure joy with a Southern take on things. A lot could be learned from these ladies in today's crazy world that lacks style and grace. I could just go on and on about how much this show has meant to me in the past years, and God bless Alice Ghostley, she will be missed. I just found this site tonight and will be back. Now, ladies, put up your white shoes until next Spring!
25 September 2007 - JACKSON ,MISSISSIPPI

Thom | @
I loved Designing Women. It was the best of the 80's had to offer. It sadden me to see that Alice Ghostly passed away. Can't wait until the DVD;s are out.
24 September 2007 - Kansas City, KS

Tammy Field | @
I love "Designing Women" and am so glad that it is coming back to the small screen; beginning 10/15/07 it will be on TVLAND!! Yeah!! I've missed the girls for the past year or so; since they've gone off the air.
21 September 2007 - Gastonia, NC

Beverly | @
The First Day of the Last Decade of the 20th Century - Wow, what an episode. The character of Miss Minnie Bell Ward was so powerful. ". but at least we ain't what we were." It touched me then and still touches me today. That was written to let everyone know God notices your accomplishments, whether it's ever noticed by man or not. Thanks!
4 September 2007 - NC

Myshjua Archibald | @
I just watched one of my favorite episodes "The first day of the last year of the entire 20th century". I can't believe the timelessness of this series. I was just as affected by Charlene's childbirth as I was the first time I ever saw it all those years ago. This show was so well written and the cast was amazing. I miss them, and I enjoy watching them every chance I get. The older I get (I'm 37 now) the more I can identify with these women and that is amazing to me. I look forward to owning the entire series on DVD.
3 September 2007 - Miami, FL

Pamela J. Baker | @
I will never stop watching the reruns of Designing Women. It ranks in my top 5 best television shows along with Frasier, Everybody Loves Raymond, Gilmore Girls etc. Those women were the epitome of intelligence, style, grace and truly funny.
28 August 2007 - Eastpointe, Michigan USA

Jim & BonnieMae | @
Hi. I'm Jim and my dog is BonnieMae. We both enjoyed the DW style of serious and comedy. I'ld sit in my wheelchair and with her by my side we shed quite a number of happy and sad tears. This show is a tribute to actors and actresses that there is beauty in all created. Thankx for this excellent web site. A wish for DVD collection to be produced sometime soon.:) :) :)-
12 August 2007 - Lexington/Kentucky

Melanie | @
I just discovered the website and have laughed and cried all day remembering my favorite episodes. I too love watching the reruns. Great job!
19 July 2007 - Atlanta, ga

Grant Schinto | @
Back in late 1989 through late 1990 I rented a house with two other guys. One of them was an aspiring actor who pretty much hated everyone and everything in terms of actors, films and tv shows, with of course his select favorites as the exception.In short, he was INCREDIBLY picky and critical. A lot like Simon from American Idol . . .

But one show I know he liked was Designing Women. Now that says something for the quality of that show.

I used to watch it from time to time because an ex-girlfriend of mine looked a LOT like Delta Burke. I guess I was obsessing over her for a while . . .

But what blows me away after having just recently discovered the show on ION Television is that Jean Smart was one of the original Designing Women. I'm a HUGE fan of 24 and when I watched season 5 of 24 I thought the reason Jean Smart was familiar was because she was in the Brady Bunch Movie. Little did I know that she was more familiar to me than I'd realized.

I'm looking forward to watching Designing Women in syndication now and seeing what I missed all those years when it was just "that show my roommate watches."
12 July 2007 - La Vergne, TN

Shea | @
I love Designing Women! I look periodically to see if they have decided to put it on DVD. It doesn't matter how many times you watch an episode, it's still just as funny as the first time. I'm so excited that ION will be playing the show cause I've been having withdrawals!!
28 June 2007 - Alabama

Alissa Levin | @
"Designing Women" coming back to Television!!!! I just saw an article online saying that ION Television will be airing back-to-back episodes starting June 25th at 7pm EST/ 6pm CST. I went to ION's website, and it is listed there under the schedule!!! Check it out!!
13 June 2007 - USA

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