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Jean | @
My sis & I love designing women we watch it every day on lifetime in the morning before work we would love to see a reunion show!!:)
23 July 2006

karen shaheen-kahoush | @
I love the Designing Women series!!!
And I would love to see a Reunion happen.
29 April 2006 - san jose, ca

Cristine | @
I still love the show - even after all these years, there has not been a sitcom since Designing Women that has been as truly classy as Designing Women. Also, it had something that so many sitcoms lack today, besides being funny, it was issues oriented and brought to light many topics and issues that are still important. The Show was ahead of it's time, in the way it dealt with Aids, femist concerns or sexual orientation. I hope they start selling the entire series on DVD.
This is a beautiful website, thank you so much for it!
24 April 2006 - California

I was on holiday in America when i saw an episode of designing women, i had never heard of it, it is the best comedy i have seen in such a long time in fact i was late leaving the hotel because i could not pull myself away from the program, then i was gutted to find out Designing women is not on DVD but you can bet when the first series is in the shops i will be one of the first to own it i love it.
3 April 2006 - London \ England

Teresa | @
I love your show, it makes me laugh. You represent what southern women are made of and that is smart, intelligent,beautiful, gracful and strong.
4 February 2006 - Columbus, Georgia

Shane C | @
I love all of you so much! The shows still make me laugh even though I have seen them so many times. I can't wait for the DVD to come out!!!
18 January 2006 - Shreveport, LA

Roger | @
DW is the greatest show of all time. Suzanne Sugarbaker is the best tv character of all time. Delta Burke totally rocks. I can't wait for the complete series on dvd. I have all but about 15 episodes on dvd. The quality is awful, with blurry and rolling pictures, but hey, IT BEATS NOTHING!!!!!!! I die laughing at some of the scenes, although I have seen them 50 times. I even have some scenes memorized. If there is anyone out there with ALL of the episodes seasons 1-5, please, please contact me. I would love to complete my collection. This is a great website for a great show. Thanks and kudos to the creator of the site. God Bless.
9 January 2006 - Near Nashville, TN USA

Adam Crossland | @
THIS SHOW ROCKED - I'm so excited about the DVD's - This site is great Thanks!!!!
8 January 2006 - NJ

Lance | @
I moved to Atlanta the same year that the series started. What an exciting introduction to the city! I have a hair business in Buckhead, and have clients that act like each of these lovely ladies. Really miss the series, thank God for re-runs!! Love to all!
2 January 2006 - Atlanta, Georgia

Telisa Speer | @
I love you all, you are really a inspiration to all us southern belles!!! Thanks for all your wisdom and laughter!!!!
20 December 2005 - Lowgap,NC

Vickie | @
Designing Women is one of the best shows ever made. I still watch the reruns on Lifetime and wish it came on more often. I would love to have all the seasons on DVD. Thank you for creating this site. It's great!
29 November 2005 - Huntsville/Alabama

Jo Anne | @
DW has always been a favorite of mine!! I've ordered the Best of DW from Amazon and am SOOO! looking forward to the first season coming out on DVD summer 2006 !! It's about time !!
29 November 2005 - Stillwater OK

Charlene | @
I grew up with Designing Women! Watching those heated debates, glamorous get-ups, and fearless approaches to even the oddest situations gave me an early glimpse of the many hats I would have to wear as Southern Woman. They represent the perfect balance between bold and beautiful; brains and brawn. We need more characters like them.
27 November 2005 - Florida

Marsha | @
I absolutely love DW. The women and Anthony are GREAT!!!! I look forward to getting up in the morning and seeing what they gang is up to, lol.
Thank you for this site, I have been able to find the songs from the show and I love that.
17 November 2005 - Des Moines, Iowa

Ginger Spangler | @
DW is my favorite show. It makes me laugh and cry, and I would love to be able to watch each episode in order on DVD. More than any other TV show I want all of Designing Women's episodes to be sold on DVD.
2 November 2005 - Knoxville, TN

Lynne Lang | @
Everything I learned about speaking up for myself, I learned from Julia. Thanks for the memories and lessons!
26 October 2005 - St. Louis, Missouri

Amy | @
I have watched Designing Women for years. I still love it!! In fact, I still get emotional when I watch certain shows even though I have seen them so many times. I would love it if I could buy them on DVD!! Thanks for all the laughs and wonderful moments. They have meant so much in my life.
26 October 2005 - Mississippi

Suzie Ridgley | @
DW continues to be my all time favorite television show -- superbly and creatively written, heartfelt, endearingly funny, touching, empathetic, sometimes wacky, always witty and Southern to the bone. Versions and visions of Scarlet in all her glory.
21 October 2005 - Little Rock AR


Bryan Boyce
D.W. is just the best 'non-classic' series ever! Well written, well acted, 'nuff said!
04 September 2005 - Portland , Oregon

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