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lorrie west | @
I love your dw website but wish more new episode summaries would be published on the site. i check in at least once a week
4 March 2007 - canada

Rebecca | @
I am an avid Designing Women re run show watcher. I constantly check my store shelves for that glorious day when I can buy all the seasons on dvd. Ive been looking for them everywhere! I dont know what the hold up is with the music but hopefully it will be resolved soon because it would figure my fav show is the only one i cant buy and no one seems to have on tape. Alas we Designing Women fans will hold on.
17 January 2007 - Winston Salem NC

philliprealmuto | @
i love all you women on your show designing women like big sisters to me i also like the show designing women.
30 December 2006 - las vegas nevada

James | @
I LOVE your site--so accurate and lovingly done. I'm going to order The Best asap! I'd love to have all the episodes. Thanks again for a wonderful site!
5 December 2006 - Richmond, KY

crystal | @
I have been watching this show for ever.I was in 5th grade and I loved this show. I'm 23 now! I used to watch dw all the time day in and day out. My fav was and still is dixie carter. I looked up to her like she was my romodel. I taped these shows watched them when lifetime didn't have them on. I still love all the designing women especially dixie. I hope that show is on for ever!!!!!!!
7 November 2006 - boston mass

Gary W. Cumbie | @
My my I loved those women and when Julia sang "How Great Thou Art" in one episode, that just did it for me. Fabulous job cast, just perfect.
27 October 2006 - Tulsa, Oklahoma

I can't get enough of this show! I've been watching since I was two years old, and these four sassy, sexy, sweet ladies (and Anthony, God love him) never fail to make me laugh (and of course I am talking about the original cast). I first visited this website during this past summer, and I'm very impressed. What a fitting tribute to such a marvelous show, lines, music, characters, and all. I am 15 now, and I always watch the episodes that I've taped every day when I have the time. I love everybody at Sugarbaker's, but Julia is my favorite - that beautiful woman could kick somebody's butt around the moon and still look great. I love Dixie anyway; she's such a wonderful lady. I'd LOVE to meet her someday - she's my role model. Thanks to Dixie, Delta, Annie, Jean, Meshach, and Linda Bloodworth-Thomason for such a hilarious, touching, and classic show about strong, gorgeous Southern women - Designing Women. Love y'all to death!
13 October 2006 - Delaware

Tonia Todd | @
I agree Lifetime shouldn't have taken designing women off the air. I love the characters and the music the show was just good all around, except when they started taking off the original cast members then it got kind of dull.
10 October 2006 - Tulsa, Oklahoma

Debbie | @
Designing Women is on Nick at Night 10 pm eastern time for the rest of this week. I don't know if longer.but I will enjoy for as long as its on. Currently watching the episode when Mary Jo inherited money and decided to add size to her breasts. The bar scene is priceless. I can't wait for the release of the series on DVD. I want this classic on my shelf for viewing whenever I want.
3 October 2006 - Glen Burnie, Md

Love this show, love this site, hate Lifetime (since past year), hate the Nanny and Mad About You. There's nothing we can do?
18 September 2006 - Brentwood - TN

Jackie Mullinix | @
I agree with Anna about Lifetime(A network that is supposed to support women's causes), replacing DW with the Nanny. The Nanny is okay, but it is so sexist. Why Lifetime is so gungho on that show is beyond me. Okay, I know I sound like Julia. The Nanny is okay, I don't hate the show, but they don't have to put it on five million times a day. PLEASE BRING BACK DESIGNINW WOMEN! By the way, I have written Lifetime about this very issue, but they never respond.
13 September 2006 - St louis Mo

Jackie | @
I completely agree with Laura. Designing Women is one of the best shows ever produced. That's obvious because of all the problems they have been having getting it put on DVD. It is soooo good that they are having a hard time getting all the releases they need to put it on DVD. Furthermore, I can't believe that you replaced it with a woman who annoyingly talks through her nose. I was only able to watch one episode in the morning (and not even all of it) because I had to leave for work, but I really enjoyed getting ready with it on. Having said that, I wished you would put it back on the air but maybe at night. Say, 10:00 p.m.?
21 August 2006 - Oklahoma

Joan | @
My husband loved the toast that Charlene's uncle made for she and Bill. He told me that he wanted to make that same toast at our daughter's wedding. He will make that toast (with a few minor changes) next Saturday night! I'm so grateful that that toast was included on this web site.
19 August 2006 - Brownsville, TN

Martin Creaven | @
"Designing Women" Fans Unite!
Lifetime recently dropped "Designing Women" from their daily programming. I intend on writing to Lifetime to let them know that mornings without the girls will just not be the same!
15 August 2006 - Scottsdale, Arizona

Laura | @
I cannot believe that Lifetime has taken off Designing Women in the mornings and replaced it with The Nanny!! I am just devastated as I don't think you can see it anywhere else and there are no DVD's!!!
8 August 2006 - Pontotoc, MS

This is the greatest show of all time. I cannot wait until it is released on DVD. I will be the first one in line to buy it. I hope that it remains in syndication for many years to come.
3 August 2006 - Arkansas

Jean | @
My sis & I love designing women we watch it every day on lifetime in the morning before work we would love to see a reunion show!!:)
23 July 2006

karen shaheen-kahoush | @
I love the Designing Women series!!!
And I would love to see a Reunion happen.
29 April 2006 - san jose, ca

Cristine | @
I still love the show - even after all these years, there has not been a sitcom since Designing Women that has been as truly classy as Designing Women. Also, it had something that so many sitcoms lack today, besides being funny, it was issues oriented and brought to light many topics and issues that are still important. The Show was ahead of it's time, in the way it dealt with Aids, femist concerns or sexual orientation. I hope they start selling the entire series on DVD.
This is a beautiful website, thank you so much for it!
24 April 2006 - California

I was on holiday in America when i saw an episode of designing women, i had never heard of it, it is the best comedy i have seen in such a long time in fact i was late leaving the hotel because i could not pull myself away from the program, then i was gutted to find out Designing women is not on DVD but you can bet when the first series is in the shops i will be one of the first to own it i love it.
3 April 2006 - London \ England

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