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Designing Women Online presents classic articles on Designing Women and its spin-off.
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Comedy Designed for Success
1986 Newspaper article

TV Guide 'Designing Women' Preview
TV Guide - 1986 Fall Preview Issue

'Cagney & Lacey renewed -- so is 'Designing Women'
New York Daily News - April 18, 1987

'Designing Women' returns to CBS
Yakima Herald-Republic - January 12, 1987

'Designing Women' on Tube
People Weekly - April 20, 1987
They're great with snappy retorts and exuberant irreverence, but now Dixie Carter, Annie Potts, Delta Burke and Jean Smart, of Designing Women, have scored with an even greater comeback --- a genuine ratings hit.

Behind the Scenes: 'Designing Women'
Inside Entertainment - September, 1987
The Structure of a Situation Comedy

Re Designing Women
MAD #279 - June, 1988
A Classic MAD Magazine TV Satire of Designing Women.

My, How They Kiss and Talk
TV Guide - July 2-8, 1988
A Southern gentleman finds the ladies of Designing Women a credit to their region.

Dishing with the 'Designing Women'
Ladies' Home Journal - October, 1990
In real life, these sassy Southern belles aren't anything like the women they play on TV.

'Women' Keeps Grand Design in Perspective
L.A. Times - Monday, September 16, 1991
Delta Burke, Jean Smart are gone but not forgotten as Designing Women begins the fall season with an hourlong episode--and two new faces.

Shake Up At the Sugarbakers': It's Now 'Re-Designing Women'
TV Guide - Fri. October 4, 1991
Y'all welcome sophisticated Allison (Julia Duffy) and naive Carlene (Jan Hooks) the new Southern belles on CBS's Designing Women.

Refining 'Designing'
Entertainment Weekly - October 6, 1991
The folks at Sugarbaker's give a warm Southern welcome to two new stars and find themselves sitting prettier than ever in the Nielsons.

Diving 'Women'
Entertainment Weekly - April 3, 1992

Ivey's New League
Entertainment Weekly - November 7, 1992
Sugarbaked: Judith Ivey adds a new, light touch to Designing Women.

Out Of Style
Entertainment Weekly - May 21, 1993
Review of the series finale.

Delta Burke's Law: Never Say Never
TV Guide - December 31, 1994
After a dark period, Delta Burke is back from the brink ? as her old self, with a new show.

Women of the House: Miss Sugarbaker Goes to Washington
Variety - January 4, 1995
Review of the spin-off series featuring Suzanne Sugarbaker.

Designing Congresswoman
Time Magazine - January 9, 1995
The Clintons' best Hollywood pals set a sitcom in Washington.

TV Guide Couch Critic Review
TV Guide - February 11, 1995
Review of the spin-off series featuring Suzanne Sugarbaker.

'Designing Women' Reunite
Entertainment Tonight - July 18, 2003

'Designing Women' Back in All Their Glory
Milwaukee Journal Sentinal - July 27, 2003

'Designing Women' Indulge in Emotional, Nostalgic Reunion
The Associated Press - July 28, 2003

Life After 'Designing'
Daily News - July 28, 2003
4 funny 'Women' get a deserved, chatty 'Reunion.'


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