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Chris | @
I was so sad to hear of the passing of Dixie Carter. As shallow as it sounds, her character Julia truly helped define so much of my life. She was a WONDERFUL actress and could deliver a line like no other.

Few may remember, but in the 70s she was in the failed sitcom On Our Own. While she wasn't the star. she WAS the person you tuned in to see and hear. She played April and she stole the show.

R.I.P. Ms. Carter. You were a class act.
12 April 2010 - North Carolina

Liv Solomon | @
Ms. Carter, our dear Julia Sugarbaker, will be long missed. She was a truly inspirational, one of a kind individual. RIP Dixie! xo~
12 April 2010 - Toronto, Canada

John | @
Dixie (Juila) May you R.I.P. & Heaven bet watch out for it's newest angel she will keep them on in check for sure.
11 April 2010 - Wilmington Delaware

Bill Phillips | @
RIP Dixie Carter. There will never be another.
11 April 2010 - Lake City, Fl

Bob | @
Rest In Peace Dixie, you will be missed by many. God Bless you and your Family
11 April 2010 - Spring Hill, Florida

Yolanda | @
I am truly sad to hear of Dixie's passing. Julia was by far one of my favorites of all time. Dixie was great in whatever role she had, and always gave her audience scenes to remember. It was her lines that many of us DW fans can recite by heart, thanks to great writing, and Dixie's greater delivery. My condolences go out to her family and friends. Her fans everywhere will miss her dearly. Farewell to a class act. RIP Dixie.
11 April 2010 - New York

11 April 2010 - MICHIGAN

Lesette | @
11 April 2010 - San Francisco

Angela Forbush | @
I always loved the rants that 'Julia' went on when someone rubbed her the wrong way, lol. What an amazing actress! She was a gift from God and truly will be missed.
11 April 2010 - West Virginia

Karen | @
So very sad to lose an American Treasure like Dixie Carter. I'm over 50, but when i grow up i want to be Julia Sugarbaker!
11 April 2010 - Geneva NY

Lisa Weiner | @
To Dixie Carter,
I thought you were a very talented actress. I loved watching you on Different Strokes, and Designing Women too. I miss you making me laugh. Lisa Weiner.
11 April 2010 - Brooklyn, NY

James Spear | @
My heart breaks, I loved Dixie from her days on Edge of Night, or Diffrent Stokes or Designing Women she left us too's really a sad day but we hope your at peace and in no pain Dixie! You will forever be in my heart!
11 April 2010 - Brookline, MA

David Pipes | @
What a loss! I have so many fond memories of laughing that first season and encouraging people to WATCH this crazy show!. I finally got my mother to tune in and spent many end of the show moments on the phone recalling the highpoints of the episode. Those are dear moments I shared with my mother.Perhaps she and Dixie and sharing some old south stories together. REST IN PEACE MOM and DIXIE!!!
11 April 2010 - Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Alison | @
My thoughts & prayers are with Dixie Carter's family. She will be missed. I always loved her as Julia.
11 April 2010 - MN

Debra Dula | @
My deepest condolences go out to the family of Dixie Carter. She was always a class act in anything she performed in. I always loved her as Julia! Being a girl raised in the South, I felt that she proved Southern women are smart and classy and not ignorant because of our accents. Thank you, Mrs. Carter, you will be truly missed.
11 April 2010 - Charlotte, North Carolina

Terry Mize | @
The first time I watched this show, Suzanne said (in reference to a younger woman who was after Reese), "That girl's got a butt you can serve tea off of!" I thought to myself, "I know that woman," and I have been a loyal fan from that moment on.
I am an Arkansan, and thank you for giving Southerners an image and voice that was intelligent and classy. Every character on tv who had previously hailed from Arkansas was either a rapist, an idiot, or a crook! You made me proud, you made me think, and you made me laugh.
9 March 2010 - Lufkin, TX

Sherre Rowe Mayfield | @
I was one of your fans who wrote in to the network to save the show, and thank heavens they listened! Th show is a true tribute to real Southerners, and my daughter was raised on this show. Thank you!
6 March 2010 - Virginia

Shawn | @
I am so thankful that this show is finally on DVD!! I have been a fan since DWís primetime run and am so glad to be able to go back to Sugarbakerís Design Firm! I just hope we donít have to wait too long until every season is available on DVD.
4 March 2010 - Los Angeles, CA

Janet | @
I miss the show so much. I often think of the funny quotes and laugh!
22 February 2010 - Florida

Anna | @
I have fond memories of watching DW with my mom growing up. Now that they're on dvd she and I can enjoy them all over again.
3 February 2010

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