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Lawrence | @
I am a 44 year old male and proud to say I watched and still watch the reruns everyday! and no matter how many times i've seen an episode I enjoy it like its the first showing
there will never ever be another top notch show on tv like Designing Women
I hope one day they will release them on DVD. thank you for the memories
24 October 2008 - Fulton, Maryland

gerald austin | @
15 August 2008 - WHITWELL,TEN.

Susie | @
I live all the way in Sydney Australia, a far cry from the South - but I used to watch this with my mum when I was a little girl and I absolutely love this show. I have the best of dvd, but I wish they would air this show in Australia again. It's an amazing show and I can never get enough of it.
6 September 2008

kristina hubbell | @
I love this show, I just wish they would air the reruns at a decent hour.
1 August 2008 - san marcos,texas

sunshine | @
I am merely 17, and in this age and time kids my age do not watch the older more meaningful shows. But I do, and your show is amazing!!!
25 July 2008 - wesley chapel, Fl

Lexi Neal | @
OMG, I never thought I would find a site dedicated to the best show in the whole world. This show has been my guide to life kinda like my bible. My dadddy always told me that Julia was the essential Southern woman. She is my hero as well as the beautiful Dixie Carter. I have tried my whole life to grow up to be like Julia, lol. I know but it's true. All the women had such wonderful enduring qualities, and I try to find a litle bit of each in my self so that I could grow up to be the "essential Southern woman".
20 July 2008 - snow camp , north carolina

Tina | @
I love DW and am so grateful for TVLand and Nick-at-Nite for showing reruns. It is one of my favorite shows. Thanks for making such a great show.
15 July 2008 - Illinois

Jason | @
Growing up in the Atlanta suburbs, I always felt a little bit connected to DW. I was 11 when the show began and my mom and I never missed an episode. To this day, we catch ourselves using quotes from the show- "EXCUSE ME!" in the same tone as Suzanne is mom's favorite. I'm prone to saying "Alright, that's it!" when I get ticked off.too bad I lack the gift to fire off a Julia "Terminator" Sugarbaker tirade immediately after. =)

I've been waiting on the DVDs for years now!!! Whatever the holdup, I'm keeping the faith that they will come, sooner or later.
28 June 2008 - Atlanta, Georgia

Karmin | @
I LOVE Designing Women! This show is So Funny - One of my favorite Classics!!!
16 June 2008 - Iowa

Dustin | @
I love Designing Women soo much. I grew up watching this show with my mother, and we both still watch it today. when ever we can find it on TV.

We can't wait for the series to start being released onto seasonal DVD sets.

My favorite lady is the frutcake Bernice!
25 May 2008

Frances Long | @
Being a Southern Woman and raised by strong, out spoken women, I love DW. It shows the rest of the world the true characters of southern women, their heritage and culture. Cannot wait for the DVD!!!
20 May 2008 - Alabama, United States

Henry I Stafford | @
My son and I have worn out,every C.D. you girls have ever produced.We are having A heck of a time trying to replace them. Sony get off it and let the girls get back to work.Love ya all.
17 May 2008 - Mobile Al.

Michael | @
Does anyone have any updates on the DVD release? Is there anything we can do?
13 May 2008 - Mobile, AL

Anthony Woods | @
4 Strong, wonderful, funny, educated people, came to life and showed me respect, humour and honesty as a young adult, I miss their wit and their wisdom. I wait and wait for the DVD releases and make due with old video tapes, the Best of DVD and you tube clips. Come on Sony!
30 April 2008 - Sydney, Australia

Ashley | @
At only 23 years old I fell in love with this series as a child and I continue to love it as an adult. As a child I missed a lot of what was going on but now I enjoy it all the more! My mom and I bonded over the show. I have the "best of" DVD (which does no justice to the genius of the show) and I cannot wait until the seasons come out on DVD. Suzanne and Charlene were my favorite characters and I definitely missed them after they left. Sony needs to get their act together and get it on DVD!
27 April 2008

Trenton | @
This show is truly a classic! It deserves a better timeslot on TV Land than 4 in the morning! Come on, who's up then? Here's hoping for some DVD releases (by seasons)!

25 April 2008 - Clarkesville, GA

Kristen | @
I LOVE this show! It's been one of my favorite sitcoms since I discovered it on Lifetime back in the 1990's. WHEN is Sony going to get their act together and release this on DVD? Seriously, it's about time Julia had a word with them (or maybe just drove her car into their office building, LOL!) Anyway, glad to see the DW pride is still alive. This site is great, keep up the good work!
21 April 2008 - NY/USA

Claire Galloway | @
I am so glad I found this website - I love this show and the ladies so much. It was great the first time around, watching it in reruns in the 90s and now! I have a ton of episodes on my DVR since I can't get the show on DVD! Its cool that the episodes are really still topical to what's going on now even though they are 20 years old!
4 April 2008 - Atlanta, GA

Marte | @
This has been my all time favorite TV show. Looking forward to the DVD release!! One of my favorite lines, was spoken by Julia, "Here in the South, we do not hide our "off", or as you put it, "crazy relatives" in the attic or cellars, we pah-ray-dd them on our front porch". Such feisty pride! Suzanne explained to us all the heart and soul of the beauty pageant queen. I believe she is the most beautiful doe-eyed feminine woman ever. Charlene was the sweet innocent 'love that man' one man/husband woman. Glad to see Jean on "Samantha Who?" Annie, as Ms. Shively, is the ultimate chameleon actress. We love you all! Thank you Linda for creating such different and wonderful characters and incredible writing! You give writers hope!
14 January 2008 - Northridge, CA

Rosie | @
As a displaced Georgian living in Louisiana, "Designing Women" is programmed on my Tivo to record. Unfortunately, TV Land has also seemed to abandon the show at times so that more "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" can be played. It makes me sad every time. I sure hope they get it together for the DVD seasons soon because I don't know how much longer I can hold out with just "The Best of" DVD and youtube clips!
27 December 2007 - Baton Rouge, LA

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