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Annie | @
As I walk through the door after work, I immediately kiss my kids and turn on my favorite all time show --Designing Women
I just absolutely LOVE Suzanne, Charlene, and Anthony! Even as I dialogue right along with them, having seen each episode MANY times, I find myself laughing and crying. They are like old friends. Please bring them back!!!!!
06 February 2002 - Long Beach, California

vernon bryant | @
I adore the show, Suzanne and Anthony compliment each other perfectly, Julia is so sarcastic at times, she has me crying at her performance, Charlene is always the romantic and it ws great seeing her finally get married, MaryJo is the petite one, who has taken some of Julia qualities and meshed them into her own.
04 February 2002 - New York, NY

Steph | @
I barely remember the show from its first run, but I LOVE it now! I hope CBS manages a reunion show like the recent Carol Burnett and Lucy specials. :) My favorite character is Mary Jo...she just seems like someone I'd want for my best friend...feel free to e-mail me to chat about the show! I can't get enough information about it or the actresses who make me watch Lifetime 2 or 3 times a day!
02 February 2002 - Almost a Southerner :)

Victoria Pickrell | @
Still, after all these years, one of the best shows on TV.
You can't beat CLASS!!
Please do another series.
Your devoted fan.....Vicki
(A Southerner, born and bred in the briar patch!)
30 January 2002 - Pittsboro, NC

Cheri Payne
I have always loved 'Designing Women'! It is a great show because it's funny and it's easy to relate to. Especially if you're a southern gal. I love Suzanne's and Julia's character the most because I'm a little like both of them. I think DW shows what southern women are all about.
24 January 2002 - Oklahoma City, OK

brandi | @
i love the show i believe it is one of the best shows ever
i love the people and the story lines
it is always humorous
18 January 2002 - akansas

Sandra | @
I want to say that I am a big fan of Designing Woman and Delta Burke, Dixie Carter and Annie Potts, and Jean Smart. I just love the web site and I hope that things will keep getting better all the time with the site. Keep up the good work.
17 January 2002 - Tucson, AZ

sally Clarke | @
i just wanted to say how much i like designing women. and all the wonderful people who bring it all togather. but i must say i like dixie carter.i think she is great.
14 January 2002 - st.louis mo.

Brenda | @
I'm so happy I found this website!! My husband and son say that I'm addicted to I know I'm not alone. Does anyone have the shows taped? I'm interesed in finding taped episodes. If you know where I can find them, please email me at
04 January 2002

When I was in college and Designing Women had just started, the guys in my fraternity house said I was the male version of Suzanne. Although I have grown up alot since those days, I have to admit they were right. When I see the show and see and hear Suzanne, I am reminded of that small part of me that will always be a little bigger than life.
02 January 2002 - Tennessee

Scott Manning | @
i grew up in a pentecostal home - and wasn't allowed to watch the show because of it's content. later i came to love the show. at one time i had every episode on video tape. thanx for being a part of my chosen heritage.
01 January 2002 - tampa, fl

What a great job you did for a great show! I still love to watch the episodes on Lifetime tv network. This was definately one of the 'greats' as far as sitcoms go.
29 December 2001 - PA

I have watched DESIGNING WOMEN ever since I was six. I am twelve now and I love every episode! It's southern grace and style has kept me watching. I love all of the characters and wish that one day they could have a marathon. This website is wonderful for people who want to find out more about people from the south and sassy businesswomen who know how to stand up for themselves without the need for men!
29 December 2001

Louis Barcia | @
This is a great website for a great television series. I actually enjoy all the seasons... the originals are great, but the show gained new life with Allison and especially with B.J.
11 December 2001 - Asheville, NC

Pam Lamonte | @
I neverwatched this wonderful show until lifetime starting showing them. I guess i was too busy!! This is my favorite show to watch every evening before bed!! I never get tired of them, and could watch them over and over and over!! I think they should have a Desining Women II, with Julia, Charlene, Mary Jo, Suzanne, and the rest!! It would be great and i think all the long time fans would watch!!!
30 November 2001 - Denham Springs, Louisiana

Donna S. | @
To find this website just blew my mind. I could'nt believe that my most favorite show is and will always be so loved. I could watch all the shows over and over again and still find something new to enjoy. Thanks for the website and I too like so may others are so looking forward to a reunion show, I think use die hard Designing Women fans deserve it!!!!!
27 November 2001 - Selkirk,Mb Canada

Cynthia | @
My goodness! When I was younger I couldn't understand why my older sister, who at the time was 16,and five years older than me, liked the show. Now, years later, I see why she loved it, Suzanne, Julia, Carlene , Mary Joe and even Anthony are awesome characters. They are my favorite people to watch daily on Lifetime television. Thank God for syndication. Sugarbaker Girls and Guy are awesome!!!
26 November 2001 - Detroit, Michigan

Jo Anne Guthrie | @
I, too, am an avid DW fan. I love Julia, Suzanne, Charlene, and Mary Jo equally. They each have a quality that makes them #1. Anthony is beyond compare and Berniece was always a welcome addition. J.D., Bill, Perky,and on and on, were perfectly cast. None will ever compare. Oh yes, I must also mention Dash Goff, the writer...TOPS.
26 November 2001 - Moselle, MS USA

Jeff | @
I think DW is one of the greatest shows on TV (current and in syndication. It was extremely well written and the acting is phenominal. I really enjoy this website and I hope that one day there will be a reunion movie, although that is probably out of the question.
26 November 2001 - Sterling Heights, Michigan

Harry | @
Still after all these years i find myself laughing at the crazy antics the origional DW went through. From ET PHONE HOME to THE TORNADO. I do have to admit that after Delta Burke left the show.... I stopped watching and never watch the repeats with her not in them. I certainly hope that they have a reunion show it is sure to be a guarenteed delight.
26 November 2001 - Virginia

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