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ferdi | @
8 May 2024 - texas

Lucy Sovereign | @
This was/is my favorite show !I am currently watching reruns and it never, ever gets old !I am a GRITS(Girls Raised in the South) and love that this is a true, but very humorous and sometimes far-fetched take on today's Southern women. I really appreciate that everyone treats each other with respect and gentility(as Southerners do) and the cast seem to geniunely enjoy each other's company. And there are always happy endings, even if serious issues are addressed.
9 April 2024 - Nashville, Tn

Christi Marret | @
As one of Linda's Claudia Girls, I am forever hopeful to see more of Linda's work come to the big or small screen. Now that Moonves is out of the way, blow us away Linda! We want more!
7 October 2022 - Little Rock, AR

Love that sites like this dedicated to classic shows still exist. Designing Women was hilarious and a great 80s treasure, and who didnít love Julia Sugarbaker?
7 August 2022 - Missouri

Jeanine Williams **Avid Fan | @
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this show !!! I grew up watching it with my mom and All the reruns and the show on other channels and now I stream it ! Doesnít bother me at all to watch the smaller screen :). I am 50 and my husband and I just drove back from Colorado heading home to TN. As we went through Poplar Bluff I told my husband that I remembered the name from somewhere AND IT IMMEDIATELY CAME TO MIND !!! Love Charlene and All the Southern ladies !! Thank you for a wonderful wholesome show !!!
17 July 2021 - Estill Springs, TN

Nikki B | @
I don't remember much about Designing Women while it was airing, I do remember I liked it though. Mamaw didn't miss an episode. I recently found the first two seasons in a thrift store and watched them with my 10 year old son. We bought seasons 3-5 from Amazon. Julia is his heroine! He loves when she gets fired up. Each character means so much to the show. I'm not sure we will buy the last two seasons, I am not a fan of the cast changes.
13 July 2021 - Parkers Chapel, AR

Jes | @
Curious as to where Designing Women was filmed? As a CBS sitcom, can I assume it was filmed at Television City?
13 January 2021 - Cincinnati

Tim John | @
Re-Watching the entire series on Hulu. I still love it as much as I did during it's original run. The series is so much fun.
5 October 2020 - USA

An excellent resource! Looked this up for an assignment I'm doing for my Introduction to Comedy Television Screenwriting class after we watched the pilot. Glad to see that the community is still alive, too!
1 September 2020 - Los Angeles

Alicia | @
I loved this show. I was a huge fan of all of them. I met Dixie Carter at a signing in Cranston. Big fan of Annie Potts' work too and continued to watch Delta Burke's new show with Teri Garr.
8 June 2020 - Riverview

Sandra Harjo | @
I loved this show growing up! I admired traits of each one and hoped to be like them. Not a bad group of women to look up to in my opinion.
3 April 2019 - Oklahoma

Diana Gibson | @
I always loved this show it always made me laugh. The shows they have mostly now are so serious and full of killing i wish they would bring back this show it was so good the acting was fantastic !! You couldn't help but to fall in love with the characters.
31 August 2018 - Canada

Gail Johnson | @
Hey LBT, I got timed out so will try again. So glad to hear of try for a reboot. I'm sorry so few signed the petition, but millions would appreciate a newer version. Know some of original have gone. Hope you can keep the sister aspect as well as relevant singing. So looking forward to a newer version. With apologies to Pam Norris and others, a real fan can tell which episode you wrote. Good luck and so looking forward
16 August 2018 - Arapahoe, NC

Barb Schuster | @
My all time favorite show. I truly miss it. Julia getting fired up. Their sas. It was a great show. Of all the tv stations with older shows you'd think someone would put it back on. Shame.
17 June 2018 - Magnolia,NJ

Kellaneese | @
I wish this series would become available digitally. I WOULD PURCHASE IT!!!
16 April 2018 - Little Rock, AR

Gail Johnson | @
Never have I seen a show that can make me laugh (not often) and cry (not often either) and it be all in one episode. Please Miss Linda reboot even though I know you would have to recast many or maybe all. PLEASE
13 March 2018 - NC

Gail Johnson | @
There will always be a Kennedy - thanks to Ethel. Now that's a line from DW. How relevant was and is that now. I see so few have signed the petition and I can't say I blame them. I hope the Thomasons visit this site and don't think 10 of thousands would like a reboot; they just don't their email spread EVERYWHERE . Still hoping for a reboot!
25 February 2018 - NC

Teresa Crockett | @
I only have an antenna so a lot of my channels are chocked full of oldies but goodies. For only a brief time, I believe it was GETTV that aired Designing Women but only for a VERY SHORT TIME. I so wish one of these stations would make and KEEP Designing Women on the air as part of their ongoing programming.
8 February 2018 - Rock Hill SC

Cheryl | @
I have loved this show for years!!!! Suzanne always cracks me up, and people say that sometimes I remind them of her. Julias tirades are the best!!!
11 January 2018 - Oregon

Great website. I love the header! Thanks for creating such a great Designing Women Resource. Bye!
8 January 2018 - Orlando, FL

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