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Mya Rodriquez | @
i love the site and all the cast on dw i watch that show sence i waz born because of my mom amd now i'm 14 and i still watch the show i just love it
22 June 2000 - C.C., TX

Brooke | @
I love the show and was happy to know Delta Burke lives down here in New Orleans. I think she is a super role model to everyone .I am only 12 years old. I learned about the show when I was 9.
20 June 2001 - Converse, Louisiana

Brittany Fuller | @
DW is the best show ever I've been watching it seen I was 7. I'm 15 now. Dixie Carter is the best ever. I have have her book and love it. I like the episode where Charlene turns Julia in for jury duty! I watch all the episodes over and over and even have them recorded.I think all the women on the show a beautiful and funny. I love Dixie Carter's charater in DW. Dixie Carter's book has help me with problems in my life an helped give me hope and happiness. I just want to thank you for putting up this web site it is great!!
18 June 2001 - Warm Springs, GA

Anel De Leon | @
I was in sixth grade when desinging women started. I watched it all through it's run. I thought it was very funny and I loved all the original cahracters. Now that I'm 25 I watch the re-runs on lifetime. I think now that I am older and have experienced the real world I can appreciate the show not only for it's humor but for it's messages and topics. I love the way Julia goes on her rampages and doesn't take crap from anyone. I don't think many of the current shows portray women as this show did. Strong, smart, beautiful, and independent. The new shows seem to have one thing but not the other. My friends and I love watching the re-runs. May they always last forever.
15 June 2001 - Texas

Kenn Murphy | @
Wow...I've been looking for a site like this. DW is (and probably always will be) my favorite TV show. My wife teases me about being so devoted, but I have caught her smiling, on occasion, while I watch. There are too many favorite episodes to mention, but right now 2 come to mind: 'They Shoot Fat Women, Don't They' and the ones with Dolly Parton, when Charlene has Olivia.
13 June 2001 - Jacksonville, FL

Kim | @
I've watched the show daily on Lifetime for years now. My favorite episode is when they go to New Orleans. That episode induces so many laughs, even after all these years (and repeated viewings. Keep up all your work here on the Fan Tribute site, I'm sure all the fans apprciate it.
13 June 2001 - Mequon, WI

Francesca Tribble | @
HELLO,Iam only,16years old but,i just love Designing Women,to death,it seems like everytime i see the epoisodes,although there are reruns ,i just seem to laugh,like it was the first time i every saw them.My FAVORITE DW,was Delta Burke,she is so beautiful.I exspecially liked when her and Dash kissed,that was a once in a lifetime TV moment it was so real,this site is wounderful,But u should show more of Delta Burke,cause she is a true true SOUTHERN BELL...
10 June 2001 - Cave City, Kentucky

Wendy | @
I love Designing Women so much! My favorite actor on the show is Annie Potts. I thought she was just great as Mary Jo. Well keep up the wonderful work on this website!
8 June 2001 - Kentucky

Macaele | @
Thanks for such a great website! I'm a big fan of Designing Women! It never gets old to me. It's still my favorite TV show. I just love Julia's bluntness. Delta Burke is hilarious as Suzanne and is a truly beautiful woman. The episodes with the original cast were the best. I enjoy watching DW so much. It makes me proud to be a Southern woman:)
4 June 2001 - Heart of Dixie, FL

Jacqueline Miller | @
I have been watching to reruns for years and Designing Women is one of my favorites. i can never get enough of the four. While I have seen almost every episode, including the last two seasons, I think the original four have the most chemistry. I throughly enjoyed reading all the information that is available on this site and I I hope that sometime in the near future you will add a quiz section. Thank you for putting this together.
4 June 2001 - Houston, TX

Leslie Reese | @
I was so excited to find a site dedicated to this wonderful show! It is truly THE best and most realistic show about Southern women. Born and raised in the south, I can certainly appreciate EVERY episode. A great big thank you goes out to John Paul and Amie for creating such an excellent web site for fans of the show. I have a tie for my favorite episode: 'How Great Thou Art' and 'The Beauty Contest.' It is absolutely amazing to me to see women (and men) from all over the US loving this show! I hope Lifetime keeps the reruns coming.
30 May 2001 - Albany, GA

Enchanted Cookie | @
I am a huge fan of Designing Women and have seen every episode at least 100 times (or so my husband says). I melt everytime I see the episodes where Charlene and Bill fall in love. I cant stop laughing at Suzanne and her observations about life in general and her crowns. I cheer when I see her at the class reunion, accepting the award of changing the most and the moving speech she gives. I love Julia's mouth and Mary Jo's sense of humor. This is indeed my all time most favorite show. And like most women, I can see a bit of all these ladies in me. God bless the fans of this wonderful show!
26 May 2001 - Rural Minnesota

Susan Miller | @
i like your show very much, you are my favorite show in the whole wild world, and i hope it stays on all of the time name is susan i watch your show everynight and i like it too. i wish u luck , and u are the greatest of them all too. and i hope u stay on all the time too.
24 May 2001 - Fulton, KY

Bobby Wansgard | @
I have been told that I am just like Julia. I love this show and continue to watch it on Lifetime.
18 May 2001 - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Susan Murphy | @
This is my favorite show of all times. I think I have seen every episode a least 10 times, but, I never get tired of it. Of course there is nothing like the reruns of the original cast. I think my favorite episode is when Suzanne drinks Charlenes breast milk.
18 May 2001 - Reidsville, NC

Angela | @
I love this show! I have been watching since it's beginning on CBS, and still watch faithfully on Lifetime. Some of the best writing ever was on this show. I'm glad there are others out there who feel as I do!!!
15 May 2001 - Fort Worth, TX

Joy Spires | @
Just wanted to say how nice it is to be able to preserve a quality show. So much of what is on television now is no where near the quality of DW. I especially appreciate the storylines where Suzanne stands up for her self-respect as a person, no matter what size she is. Thanks for keeping this series alive.
14 May 2001 - Norwalk, Ohio

Josh | @
I watch DW religionously on Lifetime. It's one of the few shows I remember from the 80's. This is a great site. If there were cliff's notes for DW, this site would be it.
12 May 2001 - Hawaii

Bud | @
i love this site and designing women so much. i am so glad that i can catch the shows on lifetime television. great website and certainly a tribute to these fine ladies. i have taped most of the episodes with the original cast. i am certain that some day i can get them in order by series and episode number. this site will help me tremendously
8 May 2001 - Los Angeles, CA

ilove the show itis great!!!!!!!!!!!!
29 April 2001 - Archdale, NC

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