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Beth | @
Designing Women is one of the best sitcoms ever. My only regret is that I didn't watch it more often before it was pulled. I was just a child then and did not appreciate all of its Southern charm. Being from the South, I am appalled at how Southerners are often portrayed. Designing Women is one of the few shows that showed southern women as being intelligent professionals rather than barefoot and pregnant hicks. Mary Jo Shively is a role model for all. I sincerely wish that a reunion show would air with Delta Burke, Dixie Carter, Jean Smart, Annie Potts, and Meshach Taylor. Jan Hooks, Julia Duffy, and Judith Ivy could be included as well, but only with minor roles.
13 August 2000 - Upton, KY

Katey | @
12 August 2000

Taylor | @
This is one of the best laid-out sites I've ever seen...keep up the good work! Designing Women is the coolest show ever, and I think Annie is the most beautiful woman in the world!
12 August 2000 - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Shelley McNees | @
Great site!!! I love the show, keep up the good work!!!!
9 August 2000 - Ethelsville, Alabama

Cookie | @
I adore the differences in the characters.Everyone is wonderful in there own way. This show makes me happy to be a woman.
4 August 2000 - Baltimore countryside

Mallorie | @
I love designing women!!! It is so funny. keep the reruns coming!!
4 August 2000 - Tacoma, WA

Krystal Trevino | @
Hello Designing Women I just want to say that I love the show and wich they will never take it of air.
3 August 2000 - Alice, TX

Mandy | @
'Designing Women' is one of the few sitcoms in history that I have respected; it has class and dignified humor, and it presents southern women as being as intelligent and tenacious as they are in reality.
3 August 2000

Cecilia Gonzalez | @
I love Designing Women and Delta Burke is so beautiful. I'm so glad she made to o.k. to be yourself and feel beautiful as a woman at size 6 or 16.
1 August 2000 - Tampa, Florida

Jan Dixon | @
Great website, keep up the good work.
31 July 2000 - Chicago area

Theresa | @
I think Designing Women is one of the funniest shows I've ever watched. I find it to be as funny as *Friends*! The original cast was the absolute best!!!!!!!!!
31 July 2000 - Long Island, NY

Adam | @
I have been a huge fan of Designing Women for years. I remember the first time it came on tv and I knew I had to have more of those girls. Now I set my alarm clock to watch them before work and I record the episodes when I am away. I just wish there could be a reunion show or even movie after all these years.
31 July 2000 - Tennessee

Kristy | @
I absolutely love Designing Women. I think it was a great and very funny show. The cast could not have been more perfect. The characters were hilarious and the actors worked well together. I really miss the show and agree that they should have a reunion.
Thanks for the great website!
30 July 2000 - USA

Ashley K. | @
I love this show!! I watch it all the time. I wish you would do a reunion show.
25 July 2000 - USA

Muriel | @
I was so happy to find this page. I just got cable and I'm addicted to the DW reruns on Lifetime. After all these years it's still one of my all-time favorites.
20 July 2000 - USA

Kristi | @
I love this show! Thanks for a wonderful site!
16 July 2000 - USA

David | @
I Love Designing Women. I started watching it in 1989. I Don't Have A Favorite Because I Like Them All Delta Burke, Dixie Carter, Annie Potts, Jean Smart, Julia Duffy, Jan Hooks, Judith Ivey, Meshach Taylor, Alice Ghostley And Sheryl Lee Ralph
14 July 2000 - USA

Lorayne Russman | @
I am so glad to find this site. I absolutely love Designing Women. I am lucky enough to have at least two episodes on every day. I have never gotten emotional over a television show before, but I find myself crying just about every day; either tears of laughter or slight tinges of sorrow from the lessons that come from the show. If anyone knows of a fan club for Jean Smart or Delta Burka I would appreciate the address. Thank you for this site.
11 July 2000 - USA

Allison | @
i have watched this show ever since i was a kid. i have seen every episode at least 3 times. i love your show
10 July 2000 - USA

PC | @
DW ROCK! Fav: Julia
7 July 2000 - Yugoslavia

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