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The Ancient One | @
you have a wonderful site. it is a fitting tribute to a fine show. well done.
27 April 2001 - Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Emily C. | @
I can't believe that I have never signed the DWT Guestbook!! hehe!
Well- what can I say! It is one of the best shows ever made. Thank you so much JP and Amie for making a site devoted to DW!!
26 April 2001

Akyzer | @
I love Designing Women. My favorite episode is the one with Dash describing each of the ladies. Suzanne Sugarbaker is my favorite character. Delta Burke is beautiful. I'm so glad Lifetime has the show on. It's great to have this website.
21 April 2001 - South Carolina

Kara Marrujo | @
Hi Designing Women fans!
I am only 17 years old but DW is one of my favorite shows! I watch it almost everyday on Lifetime and I'm sure I've seen every episode. This website is great!
20 April 2001 - Long Beach, CA

Geneva | @
I love to watch your show it gives that home warming feeling. I think it is great that you all are great friends. That should show people the kind of attitude you should give to everyone and that everyone needs friends.
20 April 2001 - Northfork, WV

Janise Randall | @
WoW!!! I love the show so much. It is one of the best tv shows on lifetime.
18 April 2001 - Los Angeles, CA

Kristina | @
I am so glad to have found this site. I am only 14 but I love to watch the show. I love Mary Jo on the show. My favortie episode is one of the newer ones with BJ when she opens an old account and finds a letter and thinks her husband cheated on her! Its funny when she starts to talk to him at the cemetary but anyway I just wanted to let you know this show is for anyone to watch and I enjoy it!
16 April 2001 - Jamestown, NY

Sara Rhyne | @
This is a great website! My favorite characters on Designing Women are Suzanne and Anthony. I think the funniest episodes are when Anthony impersonates Consuela and when Julia gets her head stuck in the bannister. The most touching are when Charlene's baby is born at the same time Miss Minnie dies and the one where Anthony's little brother Tyrone is arrested for robbery. I had never seen any of the episodes with Allison or B J until recently. I boycotted the show after Suzanne left and simply refused to watch it any more. I must admit some of those are pretty funny, especially the ones with B J. But it just was not the same without Suzanne and Charlene. Along with Berniece, Bill, Reese and JD, it was the perfect ensemble cast.
14 April 2001 - Charlotte, NC

Cody | @
I love Designing Women. I watch it on Lifetime everyday. I am glad to find a great website like this for me and all the other Designing women fans.
12 April 2001 - Texas

Tonia Smith | @
I was messing around on my computer when I found this wonderful website! I've been watching DW since I've been in high school. I try not to miss a day on Lifetime. Even though I know I seen every show 10 times over I still love it!
8 April 2001

Pat Alden | @
I am so glad to have found this site. I was looking for a way to tell the Thomasons how much I appreciated the series and happened across the site.
Designing Women just warms my heart. I watch it all the time on Lifetime and I hope they will keep it on forever. This series handles so many, many issues that most would never touch, and makes strong points with such a cleverness and humor, well, it just pleases me that someone is so smart.
Here's to enlightenment!
7 April 2001 - Columbia, MD

Dirty D | @
Great site with amazing info! Your episode guide helped me find the EXACT one I needed with all the titles and air dates, etc. An Outstandingly useful resource you have here!!!
5 April 2001

I just love DW. My favorite character is Dixie Carter she just rules. I am only 15 but I just adore the show. My favorite shows are when the girls and their men go skiing, and when they goto Florida. I love Julia because she is smart and witty, and also speaks her mind. I also love any of the episodes when Reese is in them I think he and Julis just make the perfect couple.
26 January 2001 - Gloucester, VA

Trish Rickles Ward | @
I maybe fairly young (30) but there are episodes that touch my heart. 'The rowdy Girls' brings tears to my eyes each time I watch it. i can greatly compare my marriage to that episode and my heart soars when I watch the one about Dash Goff, the writer, when he depics the ladies in a story about 'Southern Belles'. I have always wondered how these and other episodes touched the ladies portraying these roles hearts. I will forever find my strength in Julia, self-beauty in Suzanne, eargerness to please in Mary Jo and nievness in Charlene. These are my wannabes and oh how I wish I were.
14 January 2001 - Philadelphia, Mississippi

Dijon | @
I cannot measure the amount of love I feel for the character each of you play & do so very well. I only know you are the greatest.
7 January 2001 - Philadelphia, PA

Alisha Reuschling | @
I love Designing Women. I have been watching this show since I was 3 And I am know 13. My favorite character is Julia and she will always be.
2 January 2001 - Wilmington, Delaware

Amber Evans | @
I love the site! It's just GREAT!! :-) I'm also glad to know that i'm not the only teenager that watches DW!
29 December 2000 - Gainesville, TX

Sydney | @
I love Designing Women. It's my favorite show. My best friend and I watch it everyday and if we miss it we record it. I love all of the characters but when you put Suzanne, Anthony, and Bernice together all you can do is laugh. My favorite DW episodes are with Annie Potts, Dixie Carter, Jean Smart, Meshach Taylor, and the wonderful DELTA BURKE!!!
20 December 2000 - South Carolina

Leatha Recio-Cruz | @
I LOVE DW! And I love your website! The ladies of Sugarbaker's rule!
My sister and I cannot get enough DW!
9 December 2000 - Brooklyn, NY

Andy | @
What an astonishing site! I found it to be incredibly informative and educational. Thanks again for an amazing site of one of my very favorite shows.
28 November 2000 - Rochester, NY

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