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26 March 2002 - ST LOUIS MO

Holly Birt | @
Thank God for Lifetime!! I watch the show every day on Lifetime, and it is still one of my favorite shows of all-time. DW & Ally McBeal are my faves.
--A Southern Belle
09 March 2002 - Orange Park, Florida, USA

i really love this show DELTA (Suzanne) is the best she is my favorite and i wish that she would come back on television and i hope that there will be a DW reunion
06 March 2002 - OHIO

This is literally the best show on the face of the earth. Delta is my absolute fave and she is beautiful, no matter what size she is. I believe VERY strongly that Suzanne and Anthony should be together ;) Love the site!!!!!!
~Delta Ramona (i really have the nicest parents in the world for naming me this)
04 March 2002 - Atlanta, Georgia (seriosuly)

Tammy | @
I too, can 't forget when Charlene & Bill met,fell in love,gotten married and finally had their baby. And I too, wish that there would be a reunion show, with the original cast members(and their men).
03 March 2002 - usa

Lisa Bernardo | @
I love the show so much that I watch it every morning at 8:00-9:00 and at 5:00-6:00 every night. I love Dixi Carter,
annie pots, Delta burke, jean smart so
much I laugh so hard at you women.
love to meet you all.
Lisa Bernardo
03 March 2002 - Tampa, Florida USA

I watch it every night and I love the show so much!
26 February 2002 - Robinson, TX

jolene | @
i am only 16 but i love designing women like it's a sitcom from my generation. my favorite character would have to be suzzanne because she was 'little miss perfect. but what really stood out about her is that she along with the other women did things her own way, the way she got things done always had a psychotic twist to it.
21 February 2002 - Cross, SC

Frank Consolo | @
I have watched this show in reruns for about 4 years now. I know every episode i have seen by heart and am in love with every character more and more with every little catch phrase and hysterical side comment. I wish they would bring it back for like a TV movie or something, but oh well, I can wait... but it better happen soon!!!!
21 February 2002 - peabody mass 01960

i love the show
18 February 2002 - ohio

I do declare that this website was none other than snatched from my dreams. I grew up with this show going through its first run and Julia made a very big impact on my life. Watching her and the rest of the gals helped me to define and redefine my perspective of southern women and I hate to bragg, but we are great. Keep up the good work and where can I buy this series on tape or dvd?
16 February 2002 - Fayetteville, North Carolina

Marla | @
I absolutely love this show! I am the Julia of my group, so I always get a kick out of seeing her go off on people. This was a groundbreaking show about intelligent, independent women that dealt with real issues in a meaningful way without losing sight of the humor. I hate to see this show go off the air. Thanks for allowing me to relive some memories.
13 February 2002 - Alexandria, VA

To begin with... the show ROCKS! Enough said. So how many people can admit to this: When my friends and I go out... We don't get sloppy drunk... but we do have just enough so that we challenge each other in the bar. Who can deliver the best Julia 'diatribes' or Suzanne speeches from the show. Of course we figured everyone would think we were just looney... But they actually end up begging for more! Go figure!
12 February 2002 - NORTH CAROLINA

Matthew | @
I am in Sydney Australia and loved this show when it was showed here. Im afraid it never caught on like the Golden Girls, which was one of the top rating shows on Friday evenings for all the years that it was showed. I was wondering if anyone had any of the DW series on video and was willing to sell me some episodes. I will pay all costs. Please email me details. I look forward to hearing from someone or everyone ! !
08 February 2002 - Australia

patty | @
I too, am a huge DW fan. I know every show. Suzanne was the greatest. The show was never the same. But also, very funny were the guys--those are the best shows. Hal Holbrook and Gerald McRaney were also great. PLEASE DO A REUNION!!!!!!!!!
08 February 2002 - MINNESOTA

Tamara | @
I adore the show & never miss an episode on Lifetime. But I'm wondering if there's any way to buy the episodes on tape or dvd.
07 February 2002

Annie | @
As I walk through the door after work, I immediately kiss my kids and turn on my favorite all time show --Designing Women
I just absolutely LOVE Suzanne, Charlene, and Anthony! Even as I dialogue right along with them, having seen each episode MANY times, I find myself laughing and crying. They are like old friends. Please bring them back!!!!!
06 February 2002 - Long Beach, California

vernon bryant | @
I adore the show, Suzanne and Anthony compliment each other perfectly, Julia is so sarcastic at times, she has me crying at her performance, Charlene is always the romantic and it ws great seeing her finally get married, MaryJo is the petite one, who has taken some of Julia qualities and meshed them into her own.
04 February 2002 - New York, NY

Steph | @
I barely remember the show from its first run, but I LOVE it now! I hope CBS manages a reunion show like the recent Carol Burnett and Lucy specials. :) My favorite character is Mary Jo...she just seems like someone I'd want for my best friend...feel free to e-mail me to chat about the show! I can't get enough information about it or the actresses who make me watch Lifetime 2 or 3 times a day!
02 February 2002 - Almost a Southerner :)

Victoria Pickrell | @
Still, after all these years, one of the best shows on TV.
You can't beat CLASS!!
Please do another series.
Your devoted fan.....Vicki
(A Southerner, born and bred in the briar patch!)
30 January 2002 - Pittsboro, NC

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