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Deirdre Hogan Guynn | @
I really enjoy watching Designing Women.
If you were to ask me who was my favorite character, I would have to say all of them because each person has on the show has a personalty which is unique and when they come together, it's team work and that team work makes the show. I like them all the same. I never tired of watching the show. I really enjoy them.
25 November 2001 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Ali | @
I love Designing Women.....I have been watching it for years and it always in some way can make me smile. I think that the whole cast was great and they all have alot of talent.
24 November 2001 - NJ

Michael | @
I love the Designing Women series! In my opinion, the best years were the later ones that included Suzanne (about the fourth + fifth seasons). The best character in my opinion is Suzanne. I also am a fan of the two shows 'Golden Girls' and 'Fraiser.' My favorite singer is Gloria Estefan. If anyone would like to talk about these shows or my favorite singer, please contact me at my email:
23 November 2001 - Charleston, SC

Kellie | @
I'm so glad I found this site and subscribed to 'Belled'. I've been watching this show for years(I'm 26 now), and will never get tired of it. I think Charlene is my favorite, and my favorite episode is Carlene's apartment! Keep up the great work.. If anybody wants to chat about DW, please e-mail me!
15 November 2001 - St. Petersburg, Fl

Rosemary Triche | @
I love this site and I love those southern gals. If i had to pick a favorite it would probably be Julia, But I love them all! Thanks for the website!!!!!
28 July 2001 - Moselake, WA

Cyndi | @
I love this site...Suzanne is my favorite..Tornado is my favorite episode along with Anthony dressing as Consuela....I hope there is a reunion soon!!!
28 July 2001 - Kentucky

Autumn | @
I've benn going through and reading what people have wrote, and to my surprize, half of the people are under 18! I've always felt alittle weird about liking DW, because I always thought it was a show for the 'older' crowd. But I am happy to see people my age really do enjoy the show as much as I do. I am 14 years young- and my life has been alittle more rough than most people my age- but I've found somthing in this show. I really do beleive it has and will continue to change my life.
28 July 2001 - Pt. St. Lucie, FL

Jasmine Witmer | @
i just love DW. im 13 now but ive been watching it for years. ms. dixie virginia carter is my favorite on the show. p.s. thanx for creating such a great site!!
25 July 2001 - Orange, CA

DeltaGrr199 | @
This is a wonderful site! I enjoy every minute that i am here and i keep coming back for more! I just can't get enough of Desiging Women! I really love Suzanne and Julia! Delta Burke is my idole! She has inspired me soo much and if anyone eles feels the same way i do plese feel free to e mail me anytime!!
25 July 2001 - Beverly Hills, CA

Wendy | @
I love Designing Women! It's the best show ever! My favorite actors on the show were Delta Burke (Suzanne) & Dixie Carter (Julia)! I also adored Judith Ivey (BJ) as well!
25 July 2001

Jennifer | @
20 July 2001

Alma | @
DW is a southern reality check, bringing to life issues which need attention. You've opened wounds, poured in healing balms, caused laughter and tears, and kept us curious enough to continue to watch...I grew up in Poplar Bluff, attended Three Rivers, so I particularly feel associated with this show.
19 July 2001 - Garden City, SC

Vicki | @
I've watched DW forever! Delta Burke is my favorite actress on the show but it is really hard to sequence all those great performers. I really enjoyed the opening scences that show various famous buildings here in my hometown. Thank goodness for Lifetime!
17 July 2001 - Little Rock, Arkansas

Tori Mason | @
This is really cool. I love Designing Women and I like to hear the other peoples ideas on the show keep up the good work. I will remember this always.
16 July 2001 - Westminster, Colorado

Bethany | @
I just want to thank you for a great Designing Women site! It is my absolute favorite show, and I am glad to find others who also appreciate it. As a Southerner, I truly appreciate the humor and elegance those ladies represent. I joke that I want to be Charlene when I grow up! Thanks again!
10 July 2001 - North Carolina

Casey | @
Designing Women has to be the BEST show in the world! My favorite is ... OF COURSE, Julia! Dixie Carter did a WONDERFUL job in Designing Women! I just LOVE her, but the rest of the cast was great! I think Designing Women had the best cast! All the actresses were very fitting for their parts! And other than the cast, I loved the topics that Designing Women touched! They dealt with 'real things' but they still added humor, and I love their sense of humor! I think you have to have the same sense of humor to understand the show, and well I have it, and I love it! And I just adore Southerners! So my main comment I guess is, Designing Women Rulez!
9 July 2001 - Y-Town, Ohio

Laura | @
Designing Women is and always will be the best show ever. My favorite southern belle is definately Suzanne. I just love Delta Burke. She is so cool.
2 July 2001 - Orlando, FL

Heather | @
Love the site! Keep up the great work! Suzanne is my favorite, but I love Julia too. I love Dixie in Family Law. Her character is gr8! Anyway, my fave episode is the one where Suzanne takes in the little girl for a month and they dress alike and she even buys the lil girl a credit card!
2 July 2001 - South Carolina

Dianira Verastegui | @
thanks so much for have the show!! i just love julia!!!! she rules!! i'm 17yrs old and i have loved them since a long time!! i can really understand the messages that they are getting across!! thanks!DW RULE!!!!
1 July 2001 - Eagle Pass, TX

I'm 13 years old, and I love the show! That's all there is to it! It's HILLARIOUS! I too hated it when Suzanne and Charlene left. I think the funniest ones are when Mary Jo and Julia coach a Baseball team, Tornado Watch, and The one about 'Billy Boy Swine'. Just wanted to interact with some more people who watched it :) AWESOME WEBSITE!!!!! The best!!
1 July 2001 - Tyler, Tx

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