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Barbara | @
I have rediscovered the comical timing and the witty repertoire between characters, I love this show. I have an enormous soft spot for all of these characters. Thank you for all the laughter that this show has brought into my life. There will never be another show with the class, humor, and thought provoking issues like this one. Rest in Peace Ms. Dixie Carter. What an amazing legacy you have left behind!
16 April 2013 - Miami Florida

Amber | @
I remember my parents watching this show when I was a kid. Now that I have rediscovered it as a 27 year old, I am addicted! The show's lessons are still applicable today, and I am so grateful for this show! The cast is perfect, and they really make you feel good and at home waching them.
12 April 2013 - Alabama

Heather | @
I am 26, fairly young for a DW fan, but I watched when I was little and now record the reruns on my dvr. My mom and I say there is something in an episode that you can learn from for anything that comes up in life! I love it!
6 April 2013 - Warren, Ohio

Cathi R | @
My all-time favorite episode features Suzanne's thieving accountant working in the hotel. When he says, "There's a part of Danny Boy I like to do acapella" makes me laugh out loud every single time. DW is my favorite tv series, ever!!
3 April 2013 - Alabama

Shirley L | @
From the moment it first aired, this television show has made me laugh, cry and flood my soul with memories. I love it, and when I think back to the 80's, those years weren't so bad after all.
5 September 2012 - Louisiana

Latifa | @
First I would like to express my heartfelt condolences to the family of the late Dixie Carter.
When I lived in the US at the beginning of the 90s my english professor recommended I watch designing women to learn about the South and to benefit from incredible language applied, spiked with the razor sharp humour of these four actress. So I did watch it and loved it. Thank you. The show was one of a kind.
18 August 2012 - Switzerland

Maureen Walsh | @
I loved this show when it first aired and still due. Four incredibly intelligent women who also genuinely cared for each other and had each others backs! Oh, if things could be that way
27 June 2012 - Pensacola, FL

Gail | @
I enjoyed watching Designing Women back in the '80s when it first aired on TV. I now have the entire DVD collection and watch it over and over while I exercise on my treadmill or ellipitical. The series and especially creator are special to me since my dear friend, Cheryl, was a high school classmate of Linda Bloodworth-Thomason. It's neat to know that I have that connection to her although we've never met nor probably ever will. Long live Designing Women!!
28 May 2012 - Jackson, MO

Deshanna | @
I love this show so much. I Wish television could go back to shows like this, Golden Girls, Murder She Wrote, etc.
1 May 2012 - Chattanooga,Tn

Gretchen | @
I model my sense of grace, and beauty by the women of Designing Women. I watch it even today. It truly gifted me with such a love for all things feminine. I will forever be a fan. Thank you Julia, Suzanne, Mary Jo, Charlene and Anthony!!
23 April 2012 - Fort Bragg, NC

Patricia Steward | @
Please release the Designing Women Reunion on DVD. I have just purchased the first dvd of the series and would love to have the reunion. Delta and Gerald McRaney's love scenes are so heart warming and the way they look at each other in Dash Goff-The Writer and Reservations For Eight makes me feel like crying. Their love for for each other is astounding and still is today. Looking forward to seeing The Reunion released soon.
17 April 2012 - Booneville, MS

Suzy Baldwin | @
I recently missed a month out of work with a broken foot. I watched every episode through season 5 on DVD. I love Designing Women. I miss the girls (and Anthony and Bernice too). Thank you TVGuide Network for airing the best show ever. Not too happy that it has some parts cut on TVGN but hey, at least the girls are there!!!
18 April 2012 - Mobile, Al.

J. McCoy | @
Loved this show and watch the reruns. Glad it's now on DVD. Rest in Peace Julia
18 April 2012 - Pittsburgh, Pa.

Lisa Esposito | @
I grew up with Designiing Women, with my favorite character being Julia! I loved her sassy wit and take no prisoners attitude. I am pleased to say, I have been compared to her when I get on my soap-box! Loved it then and still love it now!
17 April 2012 - Tampa Florida

Suzann Darnall | @
One of the absolute best shows ever until Suzanne left.
10 April 2012 - San Marocs, Texas

K. Harper | @
I remember watching this show with my aunt and grandmother in it's first season on air. Now I DVR it and watch every episode. It's funny how much I remember after all those years. I aspire to be as ladylike as Mary Jo, as strong as Julia, as kind as Charlene, as charming as Suzanne, and as wise as Anthony. I'd like to be as outspoken as Bernice, but my Mom has that covered. :)
5 April 2012 - Georgia

Franklin E Williams | @
One of the best shows on network TV. I have nothing but admiration for M. Taylor working with four such beautiful women.
3 April 2012 - Binghamton, New York 13903

nyree cooke | @
I miss this show and cant wait to buy the full DVD sets.
30 March 2012 - alexandria, va

Bobbi Dust | @
I've been a fan of this show since it aired, when I was 6! I just found it on again on the TV Guide channel and I was quick to set my DVR to record it. I'd love to see a DW marathon air! Thanks for creating such a comprehensive website to honor the women (and man) of DW!
24 March 2012 - Maryland

L. Michael Giegerich | @
I have been a fan of DW since its original airing. I caught it in syndication everywhere and everytime I could- no matter how many times I had seen the episode being shown. Now that it's on DVD, I own it all and watch it on a weekly basis. DW is and continues to be one of my favorite shows of all time, and I am grateful to EVERYONE involved in the lifetime of this series for their work, and for creating such incredible entertainment for me that will continue to amuse, astound, empower, enlighten and enthrall me until the end of my days. Thank you, all. ~LMG
26 January 2012 - Cocoa, FL., USA

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