Episode Cast:

Suzanne Sugarbaker
Delta Burke

Julia Sugarbaker
Dixie Carter

Mary Jo Shively
Annie Potts

Charlene Stillfield
Jean Smart

Anthony Bouvier
Meshach Taylor

Bill Stillfield
Douglas Barr

It's A Wonderful Life

Directed by: David Trainer
Written by: Thom Bray & Michael Ross
Taped: February 13, 1990
Airdate: March 19, 1990

Concerned that Charlene's self image has suffered since the arrival of Baby Olivia, Julia sends her out into the field for the first time to see a prospective client. When she returns, Charlene says she fell asleep during her meeting and, as she hurried to leave, caused a scene in the client's office. Upset with her performance, she declares she is unfit for the job. To top it all off, she tells everyone Bill is having an affair with his new cockpit partner, a female pilot named Gail.

Although Julia and Mary Jo refuse to believe Bill could be having an affair, Suzanne wholeheartedly agrees with Charlene's assessment. When Bill gets orders for a top secret mission, Charlene is convinced it is a cover to allow him to spend some time alone with Gail. After overhearing them having an argument, Julia and Mary Jo decide to arrange a romantic evening to help Charlene and Bill rekindle their romance.

Julia and Mary Jo plan a romantic dinner at the Rooftop Garden, an abandoned restaurant where Bill and Charlene fell in love. Leaving the baby with Suzanne, Anthony chauffeurs the couple to the restaurant where Julia and Mary Jo have a catered meal, although not realizing they would have to climb fifteen flights of stairs after forgetting to get an elevator key. Realizing they are still in love and exhausted from the climb, Bill and Charlene leave early to spend an evening at home, leaving Julia, Mary Jo and Anthony to finish the rooftop dinner themselves.

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Additional Comments:

Meshach Taylor gets to show off his singing voice in this episode, including performing a rendition of The Way You Look Tonight which runs over the closing credits.

Classic Scenes:

SUZANNE: Well, I don't know why Charlene insists on nursing this baby. It's like some kind of epidemic. Everywhere I go, anytime of the day or night, I see all these women whipping themselves out and acting like public fillin' stations. I mean, they act like just cause there's a baby attached, it's not a breast anymore. Could you see me unleashing one of these outdoors? All hell would break loose.

Having recently had a baby and feeling like nothing but a big exhausted mother blob, Charlene takes a meeting with a client..........
MARY JO: So how'd it go?
CHARLENE: I fell asleep.
MARY JO: When?
CHARLENE: I'm not sure. I think it was right after we said hello and shook hands.
JULIA: How long did you sleep?
CHARLENE: I think about 15 minutes. We were sitting on his sofa in his office talking about putting levalors on the windows, and I just sort of nodded off. Sometime after that he woke me up......... apparently I was snoring.
MARY JO: ....... and then what happened?
CHARLENE: I started crying.
SUZANNE: You started crying?
CHARLENE: Well, yeah..........cuz I looked down and while I'd been asleep I'd gotten these great big wet milk spots on the front of my blouse.
SUZANNE: Oh my lord!!
CHARLENE: It was just so humiliating.
SUZANNE: Oh my lord!!
JULIA: (angrily) Suzanne.
CHARLENE: And then I just jumped up real quick and put on my coat.
SUZANNE: The one with the baby spit on it?
CHARLENE: That's right. And thank you for telling me, Suzanne. I didn't notice 'til I'd gotten there.
MARY JO: And then you left?
CHARLENE: .............and that's when I fell flat on my face in the reception area.
JULIA: I don't think I want to hear anymore.
CHARLENE: I probably wouldn't have fallen except that I'd put my pantyhose on so twisted this morning I've been walking like John Wayne all day. Then my purse came open.........and y'know I had that box of baby suppositories in there. They just flew everywhere. There I was, on my hands and knees, wet, sobbing, mascara running down my face, my pantyhose twisted, trying to gather up all these little white firecrackers.................y'know. Two of the secretaries had to lift me off the floor and help me to my car. Or maybe they were throwing me out..........I don't know. I never looked back.


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