Episode Cast:

Suzanne Sugarbaker
Delta Burke

Julia Sugarbaker
Dixie Carter

Mary Jo Shively
Annie Potts

Charlene Stillfield
Jean Smart

Anthony Bouvier
Meshach Taylor

Bernice Clifton
Alice Ghostley

Vanessa Hargraves
Olivia Brown

Daddy Jones
Dub Taylor

Elmer Peace
Richard Sanders

Tornado Watch

Directed by: William Grain
Written by: Linda Bloodworth-Thomason
Taped: February 7, 1990
Airdate: February 26, 1990

Sugarbaker's is visited by Daddy Jones, a hillbilly moonshiner with whom they had a fight on a camping trip. Although they try to get rid of him, the women are distressed to find Daddy is attracted to Bernice. After unsuccessfully trying to convince Bernice not to go out with Daddy, Julia talks Anthony into chaperoning the couple to insure they stay out of trouble.

A tornado watch strands everyone at Sugarbaker's, including Bernice, Daddy and Elmer Peace, an elderly henpecked client who dropped by the office. When Daddy suggests Elmer join him for some moonshine, the old man's confidence is sparked, unleashing a torrent of pent up sexual energy. As the evening wears on, a party erupts at Sugarbaker's as everyone settles in to ride out the tornado.

With the party in full swing, Elmer sheds his clothes in favor of skimpy underwear and a bathrobe, trying his best to get one of the women to join him for some fun. As everyone prepares to eat the only food in the house -- a birthday cake Julia bought for Reese -- the tornado strikes, leaving the house in shambles. While cleaning up the mess left in the wake of the storm, the women are appalled to discover that not only did Charlene videotape the party and the tornado, but that her tape is being shown on television news programs around the country.

-- Columbia Tri-Star Marketing

Additional Comments:

As of this episode, Vanessa now works at the library, and she no longer sports the outrageous 'Tina Turner' look.

Daddy Jones first appeared earlier this season in Nightmare from HeeHaw as the patriach of the gang of hillbillies that forced the ladies to dance with them and picked a bar fight with their beaus. He appears in this episode claiming to be in town shopping for his son's birthday and dropping by to apologize to the ladies for their behavior.

The skimpy bikini and robe that Mr. Peace dons are a birthday gift to Reese from Suzanne.

Charlene's video is actually picked up by CNN and airs every 30 minutes worldwide.

Classic Scenes:

CHARLENE: Hi Vanessa! How's your new job at the library?
VANESSA: It's fantastic! Listen, if you all want to check out any books, just let me know. I can get you anything you want, and they're free!
JULIA: Well, thank you very much, Vanessa. We'll keep it in mind.
VANESSA: Right now I'm reading Moby Dick. I thought that titled sounded interesting, but turns out it's about a fish. But let me tell you, it is good!

BERNICE: I tell you, I'm so glad to be able to do nothing for a change. They just won't leave you alone in that retirement village. You have to take a cooking class, start a garden, make a macrame belt, and learn to toll paint. And today, they tried to make me take a pottery class again. Hell, I'm a housewife!! I'm not a potter! Why is it just because you get old, all of a sudden you're supposed to be able to make stuff? I made two pots. I couldn't work the wheel. Neither one of them got tall. Now I'm stuck with a couple of gladiator breast plates.
MARY JO: Bernice, this is incredible. You're incisive and witty like you're on Johnny Carson.
BERNICE: It's the new blood pressure medicine. I think it flipped on a couple of extra switches.
DADDY JONES: Excuse me, Little Lady. I just couldn't help but overhear your retirement problems. Back down in my part of the woods down there, they've been trying to get me to do the Square Dancing. I said, "No way, Jose. When I go out, I'm going out my own way, and it ain't for squares."
BERNICE: What kind of dancing do you do?
DADDY JONES: Ask her (points to Julia), she knows. I danced with her.
BERNICE: You did?
JULIA: Well, it was just for one evening. I don't want to talk about it.
DADDY JONES: (to Bernice) Well, just so my day won't be a total waste, how about you and me going down to one of those little pancake houses and having lunch?
BERNICE: Who are you?
DADDY JONES: Daddy Jones. But you can call me Daddy.
BERNICE: Oh! I like that.
ANTHONY: Excuse me, Daddy....Mr. Jones, first of all, do you remember me?
DADDY JONES: I sure do. You're a really fine fella, and a really fine fighter.
ANTHONY: Well, thank you. But Ms. Clifton is spending the day with us.
BERNICE: Not anymore.
JULIA: Bernice, c'mere. Bernice, you're not going. Now that's it.
BERNICE: Oh, I see. You're jealous. Because you dated him once and now he wants me.
SUZANNE: Bernice, be serious. He's just a little ole hillbilly. Why would you even be interested in him for anyway?
BERNICE: I think he's cute. Besides, he's the same age as all the guys you date.
CHARLENE: Bernice, you are so funny today!
BERNICE: Charlene, I think we've covered that. Let's try to keep up.
MARY JO: Anthony, why don't you take them in the van. That way you'll be in charge.
DADDY JONES: Hot dog! You do the driving, and I'll play my mouth organ (pulling out his hamonica).
BERNICE: Oh, I don't like the sound of that.
JULIA: Anthony, the good fairy will reward you at the end of the month.
ANTHONY: All I can say is, the good fairy better bring heavy tidings.

JULIA: I cannot believe that this old man shows up in the middle of a tornado. I mean, do we have the worst luck of anyone we know or what?
SUZANNE: I say we should just call a big ole paddywagon and have them all picked up.
ANTHONY: I'm telling you, he has got some moonshine out in his truck, and he and Bernice have been into it. They were spiking their cokes at lunch. And what's more, they are now a serious item. We're talking hand holding and giggling. She was sitting on his lap in the van, and they were hanging out the window -- he's playing that harmonica and she's blowing that rape whistle. It was embarrassing!

CHARLENE: Where's Mr. Peace?
MARY JO: If you're referring to Elmer, I believe he's in the upstairs bathroom putting a cold rag on his face where I slapped him.
CHARLENE: You slapped Mr. Peace?!
MARY JO: Yes, I hated to do it, but he tried to put his tongue down my throat. I know it's the first good time he's had in 31 years, but you know, enough is enough.

NEWS ANCHOR BOB: And the five hundred dollar prize for this week's CNN Newshound goes to Charlene Stillfield, who took this film in the aftermath of a tornado which ripped through Sugarbaker's Design Firm -- destroying inventory and a portion of the roof. The rest of Atlanta and the surrounding areas remained unscathed.
NEWS ANCHOR CAROL: From the looks of these pictures, Bob, I'd have to wonder what these ladies design.
NEWS ANCHOR BOB: Carol, we have in our studio a tornado expert, Dr. James Naught. Dr. Naught, what are the odds that seven tornados can tear through a city at the same time and only strike one building?
DR. NAUGHT: I'd have to say that the chances of that happening to one domicile are about the same as having your car struck by debris from a falling airplane.
NEWS ANCHOR BOB: Well, at least it didn't put a damper on the party. Police also confiscated four gallons of moonshine liquor and took a naked man into custody.


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