Episode Cast:

Suzanne Sugarbaker
Delta Burke

Julia Sugarbaker
Dixie Carter

Mary Jo Shively
Annie Potts

Charlene Stillfield
Jean Smart

Anthony Bouvier
Meshach Taylor

Michael Ross

Mick Regan

Oh, What A Feeling

Directed by: David Trainer
Written by: Paul Clay
Taped: December 19, 1989
Airdate: January 29, 1990

While Anthony is delivering a load of furniture accompanied by the client, the van breaks down, stranding them on the freeway during a rainstorm. Unable to locate a rental to replace their aging van, Julia decides the time has come to buy a new one. Their search becomes more urgent when they discover that Suzanne promised the client, Mrs. Fricke, delivery by midnight or else the furniture is free.

Julia, Suzanne and Charlene set off to the car dealership in search of a new van. Not wanting to appear desperate, Julia insists they act very businesslike, and demands Suzanne stop flirting with their salesman, Stan. Unable to wait any longer with Mrs. Fricke, Anthony returns to Sugarbaker's. Learning that the women are looking for a new van, he goes to the car dealer, trying to convince Stan he is the owner of Sugarbaker's in order to negotiate a better price for the van. When his ruse collapses, Julia insists they walk out, expecting Stan to ask them back. However, he stays put at his desk as if they had never been there.

Worried about the delay, Mary Jo comes to the dealership where she is approached by Stan. After mistaking his questions as a sales pitch, she ends up negotiating a great deal for a new van. Returning to throw themselves on Stan's mercy, Julia and the others discover that Mary Jo had already made the deal. Finally, they buy the van and deliver Mrs. Fricke's furniture just in time to avoid giving it to her for free.

-- Columbia Tri-Star Marketing

Additional Comments:

This is the second appearance for Michael Ross, who played con-man Gayland King in Nashville Bound.

Mary Jo initially refuses to go with the ladies to negotiate for a new van because she is deathly fearful of sleazy car salesman. In the end, she only is able to make the deal because she takes the offensive and won't let him pull anything -- slashing all the sneaky extras charges off the contract.

Classic Scenes:

JULIA: Hanging up the phone Well, that's it. There are two million people in this city, and apparently we are the first ones to ever come up with the notion of renting a van after 5 o'clock in the evening.
CHARLENE: Why don't you try this one -- Krazy Joe's Junkers. He's crazy, so maybe he stays open later.
JULIA: That's who I was just talking to.
CHARLENE: Really? Julia, you called a guy named Krazy Joe?
JULIA: Yes, Charlene. That is how desperate I am. I telephoned a man who not only calls himself Krazy Joe, but he spells crazy with a 'K' and prints the 'Z' backwards -- a man who's based his entire business career on the theme of illiteracy.
CHARLENE: What are we going to do? Anthony is stuck out there on the 285 in the pouring rain with that awful Mrs. Fricke and all her furniture.
SUZANNE: Well I know what to do. It's real simple too. We call the police and tell them that Anthony is an escape convict who's stolen a load of antiques and taken a white woman hostage. They'll just rush right down here with one of those big ole paddywagons and pick Anthony up -- probably even deliver the furniture.

Anthony calls from a waffle house, as Charlene relays the conversation to the ladies.........
JULIA: Where is Mrs. Fricke?
CHARLENE: She's in the van still stuck on the highway. (to Anthony) I bet she's mad. I mean, I hate to criticize, but even on a good day she's kind of cranky. (to the ladies) He says she's in a good mood.
MARY JO: Gee. Maybe we should have stuck her out on the freeway in a leaky van a long time ago.
CHARLENE: What? He says she's happy because this is her last furniture shipment and if it's not delivered by midnight tonight her entire job is free.
JULIA: Where would she get a bizarre idea like that?
SUZANNE: I saw it on a pizza ad.
MARY JO: Great, Suzanne. Why don't you just give away free pepperoni on the sofas?!
SUZANNE: There! You see? That shows how good you'd be at sales because that wouldn't work at all. You people act like it's just so easy for me to hustle up business for this place, like I've just got to stand on the corner and go "Hey! Drapes and coffee tables!" and people just come running. Well you're wrong. I have to flirt, I have to deal, I have to lie, and sometimes I even have to threaten. THAT is called SALES. It's not pretty. I am, but it's not.
CHARLENE: Suzanne, I can't believe you did that. That is thousands and thousands of dollars. We can't afford to pay for all that stuff.
SUZANNE: Hey, I sell stuff -- I'm the front-end person. You're s'posed to deliver it -- you're the rear-end people.

JULIA: (to the car dealer after Charlene admits they're desperate)
Well, I'm glad that came out, yes I am. You know how badly we need the van, and that's fine, because I like to deal honestly and fairly. Now. . . we're a group of nuns and we need the van to transport blind orphans. . . .

JULIA: Ok, we're about to run out of time, so I'm going to be blunt. Suzanne, it does not further negotiations to have you popping your cleavage on that man's desk.
SUZANNE: I think it furthers things just fine. I had him confused.
JULIA: You certainly did. Everytime he looked at your chest, we had to listen to that story again about the summer he worked on the dairy farm.
SUZANNE: Well excuse me for taking charge of the situation. You all weren't doing very well, and I am the expert in this area. When it comes to taking something from a man, I know what I'm doing. I wish you two would stop undermining my plans.
JULIA: Suzanne, we have already seem Plan A and Plan B -- you can just put them away now.


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