Episode Cast:

Suzanne Sugarbaker
Delta Burke

Julia Sugarbaker
Dixie Carter

Mary Jo Shively
Annie Potts

Charlene Frazier
Jean Smart

Anthony Bouvier
Meshach Taylor

Bill Stillfield
Douglas Barr

Hard Hat #1
Dierk Torsek

Mr. No Fat Chicks
John Shearin

Randy Pennington
Robert Fieldsteel

Mimi Hollingsworth
Pamela Roylance

Girl #1
Joanne Nail

Nedra Volz

Hard Hats and Lovers

Directed by: David Trainer
Written by: Linda Bloodworth-Thomason
Taped: October 12, 1988
Airdate: December 19, 1988

Mary Jo enters the house in a foul mood after being harassed by the workmen across the street. She dreams of walking by them, hearing their hoots and whistles and turning around with a rifle in her hands. When Julia relates what the workmen called out to her, Suzanne claims it is because of the way she walks. But Julia blames it on a culture that encourages men to embarrass women in the hope that it will somehow allow them to cling to their ill-imagined superiority.

Julia decides the best way to stop them from making their lewd remarks is to have them over for coffee and doughnuts. Once they get to know the women, the workmen would be too embarrassed to yell dirty remarks. Besides, it would give them a chance to raise their consciousnes a little. Not only does Julia invite them over, she tells the workmen that Anthony wants to speak with them. Although quite nervous, Anthony rises to the occasion and explains to the men how degrading their remarks are to women.

The workmen respond by harassing the women even more! When Anthony mentions that these men wouldn't act this way if their wives and mothers were around, Julia gets another idea. She hold a phony raffle and encourages the workmen to enter the names of their wives and mothers. She gives the guys once last chance to apologize and change their ways. When they refuse, Julia calls the wives and mothers downstairs and they give the men trouble!

-- Columbia Tri-Star Marketing

Additional Comments:

One of the main storylines in this episode deals with Charlene and Bill, and it is not even mentioned in the Columbia Tri-Star summary! Suzanne convinces Charlene that if Bill has really never dated anyone besides his late wife and Charlene, it might be smart if she made sure he dated around before Charlene got too serious about him. Feeling insecure about the future of their relationship, Charlene insists that Bill date other women to get them out of his system. Ultimately, she ends up upset when she hears Bill is accompanying Mimi Hollingsworth to the country club masquerade ball, and Suzanne sets her up with a date of her own to make him jealous. Bill finally tells Charlene that she has been silly, and that she is the only woman he wants.

This is the only episode in which Suzanne mentions her third husband, J. Benton Stonecipher.

Nedra Volz, who makes a cameo appearance in this episode as one of the mothers, previously starred with Dixie and Delta on Linda Bloodworth's last series, Filthy Rich.

Classic Scenes:

CHARLENE: Julia, what did he say to you?
JULIA: Charlene, why do you always want to know these things?
CHARLENE: Oh I'm just curious. Come on, we all told.
JULIA: All right Charlene, if you must know he said, "Mmm-mmm. Lookin' good. I want it. I need it. Got to . . got to . . have it . . now."

Charlene tells Suzanne how Bill never had any women in his life except her and his childhood sweetheart. She responds:
SUZANNE: My third husband, J. Benton Stonecipher never dated anyone but me. Of course in my case he never wondered if anyone could possibly be any better because of course that would be absurd. But now for me it was just no fun....... I mean...... I like to hear about how other women fall short.

JULIA: Suzanne and I once had a mutual friend named Robert. He was having marital difficulties. Suzanne became his coach. After a few months he became....Roberta.

Suzanne tries to get a date for Charlene to make Bill jealous.
SUZANNE: Hello Randy? Suzanne Sugarbaker. Listen, Randy.....Good news.... I found ya a date. Yes I know everyone's tried to help. I bet ya had given up. Well anyway I have somebody. I'll call you later tonight with details. Oh Randy, what movie star are you going as? Mickey Rooney..... uh-huh, very good choice.


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