Cast and Crew Credits


Created By: Linda Bloodworth-Thomason
Executive Producers: Linda Bloodworth-Thomason and Harry Thomason
Co-Executive Producer: Delta Burke
Producers: Tommy Thompson and Douglas G. Jackson
Co-Producer: Lamar Jackson
Associate Producer: Adrienne Crow
Creative Consultants: Ty King, Lisa Loomer, Shelly Karol
Music by: Bruce Miller
Theme by: Shirley Eikhard
Director of Photography: Lennie Evans
Art Director: Ken Johnson
Set Decorator: Dwight Jackson
Editors: Pat Barnett, Steve Shultz
Costume Designer: Cliff Chally
Casting by: Fran F. Bascom, C.S.A.

Series Cast:

Delta Burke as Representative Suzanne Sugarbaker
Teri Garr as Sissy Emerson, Press Secretary
Patricia Heaton as Natalie Hollingsworth, Administrative Assistant
Valerie Mahaffey as Jennifer Malone (5 episodes - credited as special appearances)
Julie Hagerty as Jennifer Malone (2 episodes: You Talk Too Much and Bad Girl)
Lisa Rieffel as Veda Walkman (replaces the Malone character as of Veda)
Jonathan Banks as Jim Sugarbaker (credited for six episodes but only appearing in two)

Recurring Cast:

Adam Carl (Adam, an office intern)
Barbara Montgomery (Sapphire Jones)
William Newman (Dave, a staff member)
Brittany Parkyn (Desiree Sugarbaker)

Guest Cast:

David Allyn (man, Bad Girl)
Loni Anderson (herself, Women In Film)
Elizabeth Ashley (herself, Women In Film)
Anne Bellamy (woman, Veda)
Carol Burnett (herself, Women In Film)
Kate Randolph Burns (woman journalist, Guess Who's Sleeping in Lincoln's Bed?)
Brett Butler (herself, Women In Film)
Scott Michael Campbell (Kevin, Guess Who's Sleeping in Lincoln's Bed?)
Tony Carreiro (Lyle Fredericks, Women In Film)
Daniel Bryan Cartmell (fish guy, Bad Girl)
Marilyn Chambers (herself, Women In Film)
Gerard Christopher (Rick, North To Alaska)
Michael Danek (Holmes, Guess Who's Sleeping in Lincoln's Bed?)
Michael Delon (Representative Hayes, Women In Film)
Jeff Doucette (mover, Miss Sugarbaker Goes to Washington)
Ellen Dubin (woman, Bad Girl)
Jamie Farr (himself, Guess Who's Sleeping in Lincoln's Bed?)
Charles Frank (Ed Sharkey, The Conjugal Cottage)
M.C. Gainey (mover, Miss Sugarbaker Goes to Washington)
Kathie Lee Gifford (herself, Dear Diary)
Deidre Hall (herself, Women In Film)
Rick Hamilton (Representative Monahan, Women In Film)
Darrel Harris (FBI agent, You Talk Too Much)
Telma Hopkins (Officer Rhoda, The Conjugal Cottage)
Shirley Jones (herself, Women In Film)
Paul Kersey (Eric, North To Alaska)
Michael Kinsley (himself, Miss Sugarbaker Goes to Washington)
Bud Leslie (reporter, ....Lincoln's Bed)
Deborah May (Ann Gilroy, That's What Friends Are For)
Marilyn McCoo (herself, Women In Film)
Gerald McRaney (Dash Goff, The Afternoon Wife)
Rita Moreno (herself, Women In Film)
D.David Morin (Brad Baines, Men Are Good)
Myles O'Brien (Gil, North to Alaska)
David J. Partington (fish guy, Bad Girl)
John Petlock (Chairman, Women In Film)
Regis Philbin (himself, Dear Diary)
Stefanie Powers (herself, Women In Film)
Susan Powter (Representative Kirby Seizmore, Dear Diary)
Lou Rawls (uncredited archival footage, That's What Friends Are For)
Peter Reckell (Steve Briston, North To Alaska)
Roseanne (herself, Women In Film)
Maryann Sanders(Staffer, You Talk Too Much)
Douglas Sills (Eric Belmont, Women In Film)
Jason Grant Smith (Jason Dupree, Women In Film)
David Starwalt (studio executive, Women In Film)
Charles C. Stevenson Jr. (Representative Crow, Women In Film)
Jimmy Stewart (uncredited archival footage, Miss Sugarbaker Goes to Washington)
John Sununu (himself, Miss Sugarbaker Goes to Washington)
Glenn Taranto (Marshall, ....Lincoln's Bed)
James Tartan (Speaker, Miss Sugarbaker Goes to Washington)
Meshach Taylor (Anthony Bouvier, Dear Diary)
Jonathan Terry (Representative Hoffmeyer, Women In Film)
Joan Van Ark (herself, Women In Film)
Charles Walker (guard, Veda)
Jennifer Williams (Newscaster, You Talk Too Much)