Allison Sugarbaker

Big Desks, Carnal Innocence and
the Whining Strains of O. P. D.

Julia and Suzanne's cousin, Allison Sugarbaker, shows up in Season Six after buying Suzanne's share of Sugarbakers. The ladies are under the impression that Allison is to be a silent partner, but she shows up to take over the firm, insisting that she has the controlling interest in the company.

Despite her petite frame, Allison is definitely a strong and dominating presence. Her obnoxious personality doesn't win her any supporters at Sugarbakers though. She immediately starts to alienate her co-workers by implementing new policies and demanding they are adhered to, despite her being the newest partner in the firm. She also moves into Suzanne's house, insisting that Suzanne leased the house to her even though Anthony has been renting it. The two struggle for control of Suzanne's house for some time, with Anthony being the target of Allison's many pranks meant to drive him over the edge.

Allison is the daughter of Julia's uncle, Frank Sugarbaker. Her parents were rather cold with her, and she left the South at an early age. She graduated from Wellsley where she barely missed being recruited by the CIA (the only hold-up being that she didn't speak Farsi). Before moving to Atlanta, she had only seen one man naked. Their relationship ended badly because he became addicted to space camp and spent all his time trying to sue them when they said he was too old to attend.

Before coming to Atlanta, Allison worked as a seeing-eye person for a wealthy blind woman in New York. She was fired when she dyed the woman's hair a horrible color and someone told her. She also worked for Barry Binsford and was partially responsible for getting him convicted for insider trading. Barry re-enters Allison's life after prison, claiming to be a changed man and asking her hand in marriage. Unfortunately, it turns out to be another hard lesson in love for Allison as Barry jilts her at the alter in front of tabloid reporters as a way of exacting his revenge.

Besides having "Obnoxious Personality Disorder," Allison suffers from an inability to develop relationships. She admits that carnal relations are not her strong suit, and her many comments lead us to believe that she may even be a virgin, if not at least inexperienced.

In spite of her enthusiasm for the business, Allison's co-workers never really warm to her, and she becomes little more than an antagonist for Anthony, Julia, and especially Mary Jo. So, after spending one year with the design firm, Allison pulls her money out to invest in a Victoria's Secret franchise and leaves Atlanta.


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