"Re Designing Women"
A Classic MAD Magazine TV Satire of
'Designing Women'

Source: MAD #279 - June, 1988
Writer: Dick Debartolo
Artist: Angelo Torres

"There's a new sitcom about four typical working ladies. One is a bubble-brain beauty pageant champ. Another is a soft touch and is so easily duped, it seems she also has a soft brain. A third falls in and out of love at the drop of a bathrobe and the fourth has a tongue that makes Howard Stern sound like a Boy Scout. That's how Hollywood sees four TYPICAL ladies!! But we wish Hollywood would take a good look at some REAL typical female types and just stop....Re Designing Women."

DWT presents this classic MAD Designing Women spoof. Because the pages are all drawings, all five pages had to be scanned rather large in order to be viewed. As a result, the actual pages are larger than most monitors and will have to be scrolled, but the good news is that the files are reasonably sized and should load relatively quickly on most computers. Still, keep in mind that the files are still large if your computer is slow. So click on the pages and enjoy!

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