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Suzanne: "Charlene, I can't seem to find any of my alimony checks. I think you've misplaced them." Charlene: "Excuse me, but they're right here where they always are, in order of alphabetical husbands." You've now met two of the designing women: much married Suzanne (Delta Burke) and punctilious Charlene (Jean Smart). Together with grande dame Julia (Dixie Carter) and breathless Mary Jo (Annie Potts), they run a decorating business in Atlanta --- but it's their own lives that need renovating. Lord knows there isn't a decent male in sight. Charlene is dating a guy who has a bullet hole in his pants; Mary Jo's ex-husband is a philandering cad; and when the four women eat out at a Japanese restaurant and a man tries to join them, Julia spits him out like a bad piece of sushi. A good man is hard to find --- and in this comedy they want to keep it that way. CBS - MONDAY - TV Guide 1986 Fall Preview Issue


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