Episode Cast:

Suzanne Sugarbaker
Delta Burke

Julia Sugarbaker
Dixie Carter

Mary Jo Shively
Annie Potts

Charlene Stillfield
Jean Smart

Anthony Bouvier
Meshach Taylor

Amy Betz
Ann Hearn

Julia Gets Her Head Stuck In A Fence

Directed by: David Trainer
Written by: Pam Norris
Taped: September 28, 1989
Airdate: November 20, 1989

Worried about not getting her invitation to the Governor's Ball, Suzanne badgers Anthony when the mail arrives. She is unhappy to find out that the only invitation is for him as one of the honored guests at this year's ball. Learning that Anthony is going alone, she offers to let him take her posing as her bodyguard. Anthony refuses, suggesting that she may want to go as his publicist or food taster.

Although Suzanne is convinced that someone has stolen her invitation, Julia says that it may have been her unruly behavior at last year's ball which has caused her not to be invited back. When Julia learns that Reese will not be able to attend the ball, she too decides not to go, so Suzanne helps herself to their invitation.

At the Governor's mansion, Sugarbaker's is decorating the main hallway for the ball. When the Governor's assistant, Amy Betz, finds Mary Jo putting pins in the banister, she tells her to stop since it is a priceless antique. As they are finishing up, Mary Jo gets everyone to pose for some silly pictures. In the process, Julia gets her head stuck in the banister.

Everyone tries to dislodge Julia's head with no luck. When Julia tells Amy that her head will not come out, Amy warns her that she had better get it out without damaging the banister or she will call the National Guard. Worried that Julia's predicament will ruin his evening as guest of honor, Anthony finally releases her with the aid of a saw and then patches the banister back together. Later at the ball, the Governor makes his grand entrance down the stairs and falls through the banister into the crowd as a surprised Anthony and Julia look on.

-- Columbia Tri-Star Marketing

Additional Comments:

Anthony is being honored as one of ten ex-convicts being given the Bootstrap Award for being an outstanding citizen.

Julia declines to pose for silly pictures, but then after she is teased for never doing anything spontaneous, she sticks her head through the banister.

Julia says that her father took them to the Governor's mansion for dinner when they were kids.

Much of the conversation between Suzanne and Anthony regarding the ball is cut out of this episode as it airs in syndication.

Classic Scenes:

MARY JO: Suzanne you are going to come over with us this afternoon. I mean, we need your help hanging that swag.
SUZANNE: If you think I'm going to go over there and hang swags, and arrange flowers, and polish floors like some big ole, good-hearted char-woman, then you are just out of your mind. Who do you think you're talking to here -- Ma Kettle?

Julia gets her head stuck in the banister of the Governor's Mansion before the ball and is forced to tell the mansion manager, Miss Betz.
JULIA: I don't know any way to tell you this so I'll just say it straight out. I seem to have stuck my head in your Abott Banister, and it doesn't look like it's gonna be coming out anytime soon, so I would suggest that you either cover me with a big paint tarp or re-route your party.
MISS BETZ: Are you serious? Your head is stuck in there?
JULIA: That is correct.
MISS BETZ: How old are you?
MARY JO: It would be too hard to explain. The thing is that it has happened, and we just need to do something about it.
MISS BETZ: You have to get her out of there! In one hour and forty-five minutes we are having the social event of the year, and I am responsible for the success of that event. And if you think I'm going to have my name on a party where there is a woman with her head stuck in a fence, you're out of your mind! What are you people trying to do to me? Annihilate me? Do you think I came this far this fast to be run out of town on a rail? Well now let me tell you, you have ten minutes to get her the hell out of that banister or I'm calling in the National Guard!
MARY JO: Miss Betz . . .
MISS BETZ: What is it?!
MARY JO: You have a little string of spittle right there. . .
SUZANNE: You know, I'm sorry but I don't think we like your tone of voice. Who do you think you're talkin' to? For your information, we are the Sugarbaker sisters of Atlanta. We had people living here long before it burned. Our great-great grandfather was Robert E. Lee's roommate in college. Our other grandfather helped write the Georgia Constitution. I myself have stood in the rose garden with Jimmy Carter. So even if we do, on this particular day, happen to have our head temporarily stuck in a fence, we are not going to take any crap off some two-bit, low-level bureaucratic usherette.
CHARLENE: Now just a minute, ya'll. It's not going to do us any good to fight.
ANTHONY: Miss Betz, maybe you should consult with some of the mansion maintenance people, y'know, like carpenters.
MISS BETZ: Carpenters?! There's no reason to talk to carpenters because it doesn't matter what carpenters say. We are not going to tamper with the Abott Banister, and that is absolutely final!
CHARLENE: I think you're a little over the top on the Abott Banister thing. I could understand if this was the staircase from Gone With the Wind, y'know, or even Psycho, but y'know personally, I've never even heard of the Abott Banister. I think maybe it's just gotten exaggerated a little in your mind, y'know. Maybe you should think about getting interested in something else.
MISS BETZ: I am going to go have a conference now with the Chief of Staff and several members of the state police, and when I return, I expect that you people will have either corrected this problem, or you'll be prepared to explain to the Governor himself why not! (exits)
MARY JO: Well that's simple. "Yo, Governor!. Got our head stuck in the fence. Can't get it out. And Miss Betz won't give us a saw!" What's hard to understand?
CHARLENE: This is worse than the day you mooned Atlanta. At least you didn't have to look people in the eye.

Suzanne does her best to change Julia into a formal gown while her head is still stuck. . .
SUZANNE: I think these pantyhose are too dark for this dress.
JULIA: (with sarcasm) Oh, my goodness. Suzanne, do something. That could be embarrassing. I mean, in 45 minutes when the finest people in Georgia are gathered here before me, I wouldn't want anyone to say, "Did you see that woman with her head stuck in the staircase? Yes. That woman the Governor just stepped over? Don't you think her pantyhose are a little dark for her dress?"
SUZANNE: Now, listen, I have a lighter pair right here.
JULIA: Suzanne, of all the experiences I would like to avoid, I believe having my pantyhose changed in the front hallway of the Governor's Mansion would rank right up there.
SUZANNE: Well, just excuse me for livin'. It wasn't something I was going to particularly enjoy myself, anyway.


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