Episode Cast:

Suzanne Sugarbaker
Delta Burke

Julia Sugarbaker
Dixie Carter

Mary Jo Shively
Annie Potts

Charlene Frazier
Jean Smart

Reese Watson
Hal Holbrook

Richard Balin

Ritchie Montgomery

I Do, I Don't

Directed by: Jack Shea
Written by: Emily Marshall
Taped: October 1, 1986
Airdate: December 4, 1986

Julia receives her third bouquet of roses of the day from her boyfriend Reese and enclosed finds a dinner invitation to celebrate their six month anniversary of seeing each other. Julia announces that Reese has promised to give her a special gift at dinner and Charlene, Mary Jo and Suzanne all speculate on the possibilities. Suzanne is sure that it will be an engagement ring.

The dinner is perfect --- the champagne flows, the waiter brings Julia a single rose, all during which Julia makes a mess of the table searching for the "hidden surprise ring." After expressing his affection for Julia, Reese summons the waiter. He enters carrying a dome covered tray. Removing the dome, a tiny cage with a yellow canary is exposed. Seeing Julia's obvious disappointment and suspecting she had anticipated a ring, Reese asks Julia to marry him. Though Julia runs through a litany of reasons why they shouldn't marry, Reese whisks her out of the restaurant determined to take her "down the isle.

The women arrive at Sugarbaker's the next morning and find it strewn with champagne bottles and Julia and Reese's clothes. Julia appears at the top of the stairs and announces that she and Reese got married. The reaction is shock at the brevity of the engagement. When asked about her nonchalance under the circumstances, Julia replies that she has no intention of staying married. Reese also appears and after acknowledging their drunken antics, produces annulment papers; which Julia refuses to sign. She is both hurt and embarrassed by Reese's frankness in front of the others. After unleashing a verbal barrage, Julia finally agrees to sign the papers, thereby annulling their marriage and their entire relationship.

Sulking in her room for days refusing to come downstairs, Julia is told that a telegram has arrived from Reese. Before Julia comes down, Reese shows up with a minister and a violinist announcing another marriage. Julia demands to know what Reese is doing there and he tells her that he got her telegram. Suzanne admits to sending them the phony telegrams, with only the best intentions. Reese restates his love for Julia and though she loves him too, she isn't ready to get married. Reese takes the rejection well and invites Julia to lunch. Taking him aside, Julia tells Reese that the next time he hires a minister to fool her, she shouldn't hire the cabana boy from the country club!

-- Columbia Tri-Star Marketing

Additional Comments:

This episode introduces Dixie Carter's husband, Hal Holbrook, in the recurring role of Julia's beau, attorney Reese Watson.

There are several discrepancies between the episode summary above and what actually aired. In the actual episode, Julia only receives one bouquet of roses, and she is already aware of their anniversary dinner because she has just bought an outfit for it.

It is Charlene -- not Suzanne -- who thinks Reese is planning to give Julia an engagement ring. Suzanne says she doesn't think it will happen. Charlene also tells Julia that many people hide the ring now, so Julia spends her entire meal ripping her food apart looking for it.

Julia never refuses to sign the annulment papers, she is just hurt and embarrassed because she expected that Reese would have a broken heart when she told him they couldn't stay married. Instead, he beat her to it.

The faux minister was actually the parking attendant from the country club, not the cabana boy. Also, according to the credits, he was played by Ritchie Montgomery, although the episode preview from Columbia Tri-Star credited Tracey Walter.

Classic Scenes:

MARY JO: What incredibly wonderful place is he taking you tonight?
JULIA: I don't know. He's being mysterious about a lot of things, including a special gift for me, which he will only say is yellow and I can hold it on one finger.
CHARLENE: You're kidding!! Yellow must mean gold. He's giving you an engagement ring!
JULIA: I didn't say that.
CHARLENE: What will you say if it is?
JULIA: I don't know. It would be nice to be asked, I suppose. I'm not ready to get married again yet.
SUZANNE: That's good. Because I don't think you're gonna get asked.
MARY JO: and CHARLENE: Suzanne!!
SUZANNE: Well, I'm just being realistic. I mean, c'mon.........all the women down at the country club are hot-to-trot for Reese Watson. Mary Alice just died two years ago. Why would he want to tie himself down again?
JULIA: He wouldn't, Suzanne, without sufficient motivation. However, I assure you, that if I wanted to motivate him, I could do so a lot sooner than you can jump the next unsuspecting man from behind.

JULIA: Y'know, I can hardly believe that we've been going out together for six months today.
REESE: Happy Anniversary, Darling. Now I just want to tell you something so we can settle back and enjoy the rest of the evening, but you have to promise me you won't get mad.
JULIA: Mad? Reese, why on earth would I get mad at you tonight?
REESE: Well, I don't know, but you could.
JULIA: Don't be silly! Go ahead, try me.
REESE: Alright. Darling, you made a mistake with your hair. (they are then interrupted by the waiter, which sends Reese rambling in another direction before being brought back on topic)
JULIA: (with a stern face.......) What do you mean, "a mistake with my hair"?
REESE: I mean it doesn't flatter you. You features are angular, and with your hair up, it just brings all that forward...........not that you aren't still perfectly lovely.
JULIA: (pulling her hair down) I see. I didn't know my face was coming on so strong to you. I had no idea it was so overwhelming or I would have worn a bag over my head.
REESE: Now you're mad.
JULIA: No, I'm not mad! I appreciate your telling me. Why without your input, who knows how many people I would have offended tonight just by looking at them.

Julia stumbles down the stairs hung over.................and with news that she and Reese eloped...
SUZANNE: Let me give you both a party at the club.
JULIA: Are you out of your mind? I'm not staying married.
SUZANNE: Why ever not?
JULIA: Because, Suzanne, unlike you, i don't do these things every time the light turns green. Anyway, if it weren't for you I wouldn't be in this mess in the first place.
SUZANNE: Me? What did I do?
JULIA: You practically dared me. You said I couldn't have Reese even if I wanted him. You know I can't pass up a remark like that!
SUZANNE: Well, at least you'll get some money out of it.
JULIA: What do you mean? What are you talking about?
SUZANNE: Alimony!! Reese owes you. After all, you gave him eight of the finest hours of your life.
JULIA: I don't want alimony......I want out! We were intoxicated! I am a widow. He is a widower. We're still in mourning!
MARY JO: Well, Julia, how is Reese gonna feel about getting unmarried?
JULIA: He will be devastated.
(Reese enters........chuckling)
REESE: Good morning, Ladies. How is my bride? I trust all of you have heard the news of our recent nuptials.
CHARLENE: Congratulations. Should we celebrate with some Sanka?
REESE: Well, Darling, we really tied one on, didn't we?
JULIA: Yes, I guess you could say that.
REESE: When I woke up this morning, I couldn't believe what we had gone and done --- would that someone had tried to put us asunder. But don't worry, Darling. I'm tying up all the loose ends. Just sign right here on the dotted line.
JULIA: What dotted line? What is that?
REESE: Annulment papers.
JULIA: Annulment papers?!!
REESE: Now, Darling...........you know how I feel about you, but we shouldn't have to suffer the rest of our lives for one careless, stupid, drunken blunder.
JULIA: (angrily) Why you old sweet talker you.
REESE: Now, Julia, don't get on me here. You know exactly what I'm trying to say.
SUZANNE: I understand. He's saying he likes you, he just doesn't want to be married to you.
JULIA: Yes, i got that. There's nothing wrong with my hearing, just me judgment in men! (addressing Reese) And I want to thank you for your kindness and sensitivity in exposing this obviously private moment to family and friends. I shall be happy to sign your annulment papers, Reese Watson. I hereby annul you, and this entire relationship! And now you may take your annulment, fold it in five corners, and put it where the sun don't shine!! (she stuffs it down his pants......)


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