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Special Edition - April 8, 2003

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Designing Women Retrospective

At long last, Lifetime Television is bringing the original Designing Women cast back together for one special night of laughs and memories!

Produced by Designing Women director, Harry Thomason, the special will feature Delta Burke, Dixie Carter, Annie Potts, Jean Smart, Mesach Taylor and series creator/producer Linda Bloodworth -- all together to share their favorite and funniest moments from the series.

Taping is tentatively set for June in front of a live audience, and Belled will be there every step of the way with up-to-the-minute news as pre-production progresses. The enthusiastic support of DW fans for the series is both renowned and appreciated, and there will be opportunities for participation in the reunion, as well.

Stay tuned for further details . . . .


Annie Potts

Designing Women on DVD

Hot on the heels of reuniting the cast for a reunion special, Mozark Productions and Sony Pictures have been in negotiations to release Designing Women on DVD!

Not only does this mean the wish of so many DW fans will be granted, it also means you'll have the opportunity to own crystal clear, commercial free copies of DW episodes; even better, the syndication run often shortens episodes, but the Sony release will be full, uncut episodes!

Historically, sales of television series on video and/or DVD have proven to be unpredictable at best, so Sony has expressed interest in combining a group of popular episodes for a Best of Designing Women compilation rather than full-season collections. With this in mind, Belled has been asked to collect information on favorite DW episodes from our readers -- and to give you the chance to offer support and interest in full-season releases of the series.

Dixie Carter and Jean Smart
To accomplish this, Belled has set up a guestbook-style poll for you to name five of your favorite episodes (please only five -- we know that's challenging!) and to express whether you would be interested in purchasing Designing Women in complete seasons. Sony and Mozark are not only listening, they are asking for all of our input, so let's speak up!

Even if you've never participated in contests or polls in the past, we really need your feedback and support this time. We've often said, "If we only had a dime for every email we've received begging for the series on video/DVD...." This is the time!! Save your dimes for the DVD release, but show us the votes in the meantime!!

If you are a fan of this series -- and obviously you are -- take a few minutes to vote because every single vote in this poll counts!!

Meshach Taylor and Delta Burke

After you've voted, be sure to pass the link to the poll around to other DW fans in your different newsgroups and discussion lists and to post it on your individual fansites. We want all DW fans heard.

Starting with you . . .