What Ever Happened To . . . ?

Where did Suzanne Sugarbaker go after her Congressional stint? What ever happened to T. Tommy Reed? or Randa Oliver? Now fans are telling us where they think life has taken their favorite characters!

Submitted by Lizzie

Julia stayed on in Atlanta, dealing with all the crazy customers and co-workers. She is still known as the "Terminator" to many and is happily dating a man that turned out to be an old friend of Reese's. She and her new boyfriend are very happy together and they plan on getting married in the upcoming New Year's Eve! Julia still converses with Mary Jo, Charlene, Suzanne, Carlene, and BJ, even though they have all come and gone in her life. Fortunately for the others, Julia's the Terminator, and will always be there in their times of need!

Submitted by Becky

Today Suzanne is appearing on QVC or some other shopping network promoting her own line of beauty products, wigs, 'How To Catch Rich Old Men' self-help books, and video pointers for girls interested in the pageant scene. I imagine that she would have trained Noel to do a sort of runway walk and would remark, 'If a pig can do it, so can you.'

Submitted by Jamie

Mary Jo still works at Sugarbakers. Her daughter Claudia is married and has recently had a baby -- with Mary Jo having a hard time dealing with the idea of being a grandmother. Quint is in law school, and Mary Jo and J.D. Shackleford started dating again and got married.

Submitted by Lori

Randa still thought of Julia often. After she finished high school, she took a year off and invested in Sugarbaker's. Julia was happy to see her again and told Randa that she would keep her money in Sugarbaker's as long as it stayed opened. Randa went to college to become a professional decorator. After college, Carlene had left the firm and Julia needed another full time worker, so she hired Randa on the spot. Randa soon got married, but stayed at the firm. After five years of working at Sugarbaker's, when she was 32, Randa had a son and named him Anthony after her partner who had died in a car wreck. She didn't take time out from work to care for him, but brought Anthony to work, such as Charlene. Sugarbaker's Designing Firm (Julia, BJ, Mary Jo, and Randa) lived on forever, carrying over from one generation -- Julia -- to the next -- Randa -- to the next -- young Anthony -- and it still lives on.

Submitted by Clifton

Allison went into business with Reggie Mac Dawson -- the two planning to open a vacation resort in the Canary Islands. But when she arrived there, Reggie Mac absconded with her portion of the money. She keeps writing to Julia and Suzanne for money to purchase a plane ticket back home, but the envelopes with her address somehow keep getting misplaced. In the meantime, Bernice has made a much more successful investment -- in a troupe of Chippendale-like dancers.

Submitted by Piper

She ran for governer of Georgia and lost to Wilson Brickett again. Her loud mouth got her into trouble because she spoke out on beauty queens, and Suzanne came from washington and beat her up.

Submitted by Courtlady6

Somehow, I see him as a big executive in a large company, where perhaps he is a superior to all of the women below him (but only in his mind of course). They, actually, run him and he just hasn't realized it yet! BONUS: Charlene answering the psychic hotline!!

Submitted by Louis

She lived on. Bernice ended up figuring out a way to be sane: drinking. She would drink a glass of rum every morning, and be just like she was in "Bernice's Sanity Hearing" of season 4. As a receptionist [at Sugarbakers], she got a second chance to deal with her arterial flow situation. Sometimes, though, she would act up towards closing time. Because of this, Julia gave her a morning shift, and then Suzanne would handle phones.

Submitted by Kristen

Suzanne left Washington after her term as "Representative Sugarbaker" was up, and returned to her native Atlanta, daughter in tow. She moved in with Julia, and used her status as a former Congresswoman to finally get into "Beaumont." She is once again a partner in Julia's design firm, and on the side she coaches little girls for beauty pageants.

Submitted by Nikki

After a few years at Sugarbakers, a few guitar and singing lessons, and a dream, Carlene took some time off to go on the road. She toured the Gulf and East coasts, singing and playing her guitar at many small bars. After being booed off the stage one too many times, she returned to Sugarbakers. Her spirit was not crushed, though. She continued to do her act locally, but still wasn't a success. She eventually married the top Atlanta car-salesman, Bubba, and led a long and happy life.

Submitted by Check811

Julia would be about 55 now. She is still living in her house in Atlanta and dating a man that used to work with Reese named Max McCrown. Julia's son Payne now lives in Atlanta and is divorced from Sylvie with a 4 1/2 year old daughter named Wendy Suzanne McIlroy. Julia was forced to shut down Sugarbakers and Associates Design Firm in 1995, but reopened it in late '96. Charlene is now back working there with Mary Jo, B. J. and Suzanne -- who has returned from another stay in Japan. Anthony no longer works with them but is Sugarbaker's attorney and an investor in the firm. Julia also is a mentor for her second cousin, sixteen year old Dixie Sugarbaker, who reminds Julia of herself at sixteen. Dixie's father is Julia's cousin Jim whose wife died when Dixie was only two and is a major investor in Julia's firm. Overall, she is still the same Julia -- constantly fighting with her sister using the same sharp tongue and attitude.

Submitted by Louis

B.J. stayed with the group. As she had always said, she always needed friends like her partners. With her millions, and Suzanne's money back, Sugarbakers became a larger design firm, still a subsidiary of Poteet Industries. They had an office in downtown Atlanta which was personally funded by B.J. and Suzanne.

Submitted by Jacqueline

Suzanne would be a Georgia state senator (a Republican) now. I could see Julia going back to school and becoming a lawyer who specializes in women's rights. I can see MaryJo and Charlene running Sugarbaker's and Anthony joining Julia's firm. As a matter of fact, the firm is Sugarbaker and Bouvier. I see Allison mellowing and becoming more human. She and Carlene now own a coffee house. Bernice, well is still Bernice, helps out at the coffee house (named Sweet Frazier's) and Sugarbaker's, when ever she has the wim, and BJ runs TNT!!

Submitted by Jamie

Charlene and Bill moved back to Atlanta with Olivia, who is now 10 years old. They also have a 7 year old son named Bill, Jr. Charlene now works part-time at Sugarbakers while attending school to get her degree in Psychology.

Submitted by Tami

My favorite character is Suzanne Sugarbaker. I just loved her. I would imagine her today living in a big house with Anthony , her housekeeper and her pet pig. She would be beautiful as ever, I see her as being more sensitive-but still the old Suzanne who came up with the funniest lines ever. I would hope she as found her true love.

Submitted by William

I just love Bernice. In my mind she is still sitting on the couch in the office. She has moved in with Mary Jo and has become a full partner in the design firm. She recently took a trip around the country to visit family. She even stayed a few nights at the home of her nephew Tim Taylor (which explains a lot) and was chosen to be the spokesperson for The National Association of Nursing Homes.

Submitted by Kristen

Mary Jo is now married to a former client of Julia's new design firm, of which she is a partner. Her daughter Claudia is now living on her own in Atlanta and working with her mother. Quint is attending college now and living with his father in a suburb of Atlanta.

Submitted by Brandie

I think Julia is still living in that old house with her son Payne. I think Suzanne moved back to Atlanta because she couldn't quite fit in with the older men in Japan so she's moved back to start her very own beauty school, while Mary Jo and JD still live in Atlanta married and trying to have their first baby. Charlene is still with Bill and Anthony is now a sucessful lawyer and fully supports Sugarbakers. Bernice comes by from time to time to visit with the girls and Anthony and to bring words of wisdom into their lives.

Submitted by Haley

Julia is still living in gorgeous Atlanta and has a new and wonderful man in her life whom she met at Art Gallery. She still sees her son, Payne, and his wife, Sylvie, with their 5 yr. old girl -- who is named Julia after her Grandmother. Sugarbakers is in wonderful shape. Charlene has finally moved back from England and comes and visits with Julia quite a bit. Everybody still has partnership in the decorating business. Suzanne moved back and is now living with her elder sister. Julia still keeps those awesome speeches up and running. Her new beau is quite a handsome fellow who has all the qualities that Julia loves. Julia visits Randa Oliver in Savannah, Georgia, since she has started up her own Law Firm. Julia is still has that wonderful charm that Dash Goff described in his book "Being Belled", and although she is not as fired up like she used to be, if she has to get fired up, she will.

Submitted by Meredith

After Howard made the 'applause box' for the ladies of Sugarbaker's, he patented the idea and put them into mass production. They were an instant hit! Everybody wanted a little box to put on their dresser that would applaud and cheer for them at the end of a long hard day. Howard's name swept the country, he won national media attention because of the applause box...he became an overnight sensation in the world of useless gadgets. Because his invention was so popular, Howard is now a millionaire, bubbling right under the top fortune 500 and definitely someone Suzanne would date if he were about 30 years older. He found a surgeon who could correct his chronic nose-bleed and now lives in Boulder, Colorado where he dates not one, but two tall blond super-model type women (sometimes one at a time and sometimes as a unit). But no matter how rich and famous he gets or how many beautiful women he dates, Howard will never forget the four women who inspired the invention that got him to where he is today...he is forever grateful to Mary Jo, Julia, Charlene, and Suzanne for being his date, his friends, and his muse.

Submitted by Ericca

B.J. fought for the right to Sugarbaker's and won, but lost Poteet Industries. She decided to go back to Texas and see if she could find another rich man with a heart condition. Suzanne came back from Japan and bought B.J.'s old house. Nobody knows what happened to her house after Anthony and Allison moved out. Suzanne and Dash got remarried and Dash finally learned to live with Suzanne -- so well that they are expecting. Boy, that was a birthday present Julia's never gonna forget! Consuela went to New York so she could find somebody else rich to work for. Carlene finally got back with Dwayne Dobber and they went back to Poplar Bluff. Bill, Charlene, and Olivia come back from England. Anthony and Etienne finally got settled down and Anthony is Sugarbaker's attorney. Julia never got serious with anyone after Reese died. Payne and Silvie finally got straightened out and had a daughter. They named her Camilla Jennifer McIlroy after the beloved traits of the Sugarbaker step brother. Mary Jo and J.D. finally married and had the third child Mary Jo had always dreamed of. Claudia graduated college and got married. She has twins on the way. Quint is in high school now. He stays in trouble, but keeps his grades up. Bernice got a permanet time slot on the local television channel and has her talkshow back. She finally got talked into seeing a shrink, but she still has that kooky edge to her. She wouldn't be Bernice if she didn't now would she? Randa came back to Atlanta when she got her bachlor's degree in accounting. It turned out that she bought the house right beside Julia's so that they are neighbors. She replaced Reggie Mac really quick! Don't think Julia was left in the dark now. Turns out that a younger decorator, Jasmine, came to Atlanta in search of a job and Julia offered her and her boyfriend, Brayden, room and board. It's really freaky because Jasmine is a combination of all four southern belles. It's really a hoot. So close in fact, that she was adopted into the Sugarbaker family! Brayden takes the place of Anthony. Let's just say Jasmine and Brayden aren't exactly poor. Truthfully, they have more money than Suzanne! So, they definately brought Sugarbaker's back on their feet!

Submitted by Rachael

Charlene and Bill are currently living in Mexico. Charlene sees all the poor children on the street and decides to open a home for single unwed mothers. She calls on the ladies of Sugarbaker's to help her decorate and choose the 5 girls that will stay in the home. She helps each one get a job modeling Charlene's own designs for maternity clothing, and makes sure they save up the money to buy baby things, groceries, and a place to live when they can afford to live on their own.

Submitted by Amoran

Dwayne's record as the #1 Import Car Salesman in All of Southeast Missouri gets him a guest spot on David Letterman's show. David looks at him as any other hick guest, but his appearance catches the eye of an innovative Hollywood talent scout who sees something appealing in Dwayne and gets him cast as the lead in a Moonlighting-style detective show. For his co-star and love interest, producers decided to seek the talents of a former beauty queen who just-so-happens to have spent a brief stint as a Congresswoman. So, much to her dismay, because of a contractual obligation and the threat of a law suit, Suzanne Sugarbaker is forced to spend 22 episodes a year flirting and kissing a classless Missouri hillbilly when she gains national recognition as one half of the super-couple on the beloved new show Pull My Finger.

Submitted by Meredith

Today Sugarbaker's would have become Atlanta's leading design firm and won national recognition in magazine's like Architectural Digest and Southern Living and would still be run by Mary Jo and Julia. Both women are now grandmothers because Claudia would be married and have children and Payne and his wife finally also had children. Quint would be in his second year of college at Georgia Tech and still living at home and causing trouble for Mary Jo just like he used to when he was little. Sugarbaker's would have hired a new office manager to replace Carlene -- who moved back to Poplar Bluff, and BJ would still be around acting as their sales person and using Poteet Industries for financial backing whenever Sugarbaker's needed it. Anthony would be a successful junior partner at the law firm that Reese used to work for and would handle all the ladies' legal business. Suzanne with her daughter, now a debutante and moving up in the pageant circuit, moved back to Atlanta after she finished her term in Washington and bought back some shares of the business, but is more of a silent partner than before only dropping in on the store when she's bored. Charlene and Bill have moved a few times thanks to the Air Force but still live far away from Atlanta and Sugarbaker's, and Olivia, now 11, would have a younger brother and sister. Bernice would be older and crazier, but still going strong and still singing 'Black man, Black man' to Anthony whenever she gets the chance. Allison basically dropped off the face of the earth after selling her shares of the company and leaving Atlanta -- nobody ever heard from her again.

Submitted by James

Tova of Biloxi has dropped the Biloxi part and is now simply 'Tova.' After Charlene moved to England, and she lost her best client, Tova moved out to Hollywood to join the personal staff of Shirley MacLaine. Tova informed Shirley that in another life she had dated St. Patrick of Ireland -- and that she needed more fiber. After gaining fame with Shirley, Tova received an offer to join up with Miss Cleo. However, unlike Cleo, Tova could sense the impending Missouri lawsuit and wisely backed out. In the past few months, she has returned to Atlanta and has gone into the entertainment business. She has a cabaret show where she goes out into the audience and sings the members' futures to them.

Submitted by Marina

Upon pulling her financial support from Sugarbakers, Allison sought a new investment opportunity and became a major player in the Girl Scouts of America, adding badges for contract negotiation, hard-headedness, and responsible financial holdings. One day on a camping trip with her troop, she stumbled upon T-Tommy Reed hiding out from the cops in some bushes, and the two reignited their flame over s'mores and bug spray. He proposed soon after, and Allison reconciled her differences with the other 'Women' long enough for them to design and be in her wedding. She and Tommy moved into Suzanne's old house (legally, this time!) and Allison finally saw some action *grin* Perhaps a little bit of Suzanne was still lingering in the bedroom.....

Submitted by Howie

Bernice Clifton once again was proposed to by Everrett, and once again she accepted because Everett is "a movie star". Unfortunately the same thing happens, and she gets upset so she moves out of the retirement home. She attempts to move in with Anthony and Entienne Bouvier however that did not go well. Bernice then decided to move out of Atlanta. She ended up in Miami and met three lovely ladies who were looking for a roommate because their roommate had got married and moved to Atlanta. That is how Bernice Clifton became the newest Golden Girl.

Submitted by Beverly

Julia and Suzanne are now living together in the Sugarbaker house, because Suzanne did not like Japan or the cars over there so she moved back. (At this point, we don't know what happened to Suzanne's house after Allison left and Anthony moved out.) I think that right now, Julia and Suzanne would be sitting on the veranda -- just in the midst of twilight. Julia sits there so elegant and refined, while across the veranda sits Suzanne, with her dress fluffed and spread over a cushion-lined wicker loveseat. Each lady sits, dreaming . . . . . Suzanne dreams about times long ago, before Sherman marched through Georgia and when being the belle of the county was everything. Julia dreams of times when their mother used to take them to the Beaumont Driving Club -- when being a Southern lady meant having grace and charm. Julia and Suzanne still work with Mary Jo, and, yes, Charlene came home from England to raise Olivia in a place she loved. Anthony and the showgirl are still married, now with two children, a daughter and a son. Carlene and B.J still work at Sugarbakers -- B.J. still has her house and money and Steadman, her butler. Allison visits every once in a while, though not often. Julia's son, Payne, still lives in New York with his wife and their child. They come to see 'Grandma' Julia (and they still haven't found another word for that). Mary Jo is still single and looking for her "perfect man." And who can forget Bernice? She still lives at Leisure Land and wears a push-up bra all the time (she claims that it helps her arterial flow problem, helping her to better control herself). All the ladies are aging belles, as Dash Goff, the writer once said . . . 'Thanks for the comfort'! And in the words of Julia Sugarbaker . . . 'That's the night the lights went out in GEORGIA!'

Submitted by Stacey

Li Sing grew up with the same foster parents whom Suzanne left her with. She had a very happy life, but longed to go to Japan where she heard some distant relatives were living. She always dreamt of looking up her family's history and learning more about the place she was born. While visiting Japan, Li Sing was at a charity benefit when she ran into none other than Suzanne Sugarbaker. The two soon bonded and became like mother and daughter again. Li Sing decided to finish her schooling and to take residence in Japan to be with Suzanne. They both were so delighted to be in each other's company that Suzanne had no trouble persuading Li Sing to run for Miss Tokyo. Li Sing was coached night and day by Suzanne and of course took the title of Miss Tokyo and went on to become Miss Japan. She and Suzanne came back to the U.S. where the Miss Universe pageant was being held, and visited Julia, Mary Jo, and Charlene in Atlanta. Unfortunately Li Sing did not go on to become Miss Universe, so she and Suzanne decided to stay in Atlanta with their family.

Submitted by Tara

While attending college for Art & Design, Randa gets engaged and becomes president of her sorority house. Once in office she enlists the help of Sugarbaker's to redecorate the house from top to bottom. The two sides have clashing opinions about decorating and Randa fires them -- thinking she's gotten rid of them until Julia gives her a tongue-lashing that makes her change her mind. She decides to intern at Sugarbaker's where she learns all the tricks of the design trade, but the company soon finds itself in financial difficulty and is forced to sell some of the company stock to generate cash flow. Because of her admiration for her mentor Julia, Randa buys the extra shares of Sugarbaker's, which makes her a junior partner in the firm. Then on her wedding day -- just hours before her dreaded trip down the isle, Randa skips town and heads to Vegas. Having grown up in a regal and uptight household, she decides to throw caution to the wind when she meets and falls in love with an Elvis impersonator -- whom she weds five days later.

Submitted by Jasmine

After Sugarbaker's had to close, Julia reopened it. Suzanne come back from Japan with Perky, and Charlene come back from England. Carlene and B.J. sold their shares of the partnership to Suzanne and Charlene. Anthony finished law school and owns his own firm called Bouvier & Associates. He still helps the ladies decorate when he has spare time. Julia never did get "coupled back" after Reese died, although she does date. Poor Mary Jo hooked back up with J.D. and they are happily married. Payne and Sylvie worked things out and are living with Suzanne at the time in her new house (Suzanne come back to find the old one demolished). They have a daughter named Julia Suzanne McIlroy and a son named Hayden Payne McIlroy. Suzanne has remarried Dash Goff and had twins -- a boy and girl whom she named Reese Hayden Goff and Alyssa Noel Goff. (Noel sound familiar?) Randa comes to visit the Sugarbaker firm very often. She attends Georgia Tech and is majoring in Design. Julia promised her a spot when she graduated. Perky met a gentleman in Dallas named Gordon. They live in a house about a block from both Julia and Suzanne's houses in case she ever needs anything. Quint is working his way through college. He's majoring in law and planning on joining Anthony in his firm. Claudia is married with a daughter of her own. We can't forget Bernice can we? She broke away from Leisure Land and has her own apartment. She wears a push-up bra and drinks a glass of champagne every morning because that helps her arterial flow problem. She owns a small part in Sugarbakers while keeping the storeroom in tip-top shape. That's the Sugarbaker Team getting ready to ring in the 2003 New Year in about 3 months.

Submitted by Toni

In my version, several years ago Julia met an extremely wealthy businessman who had been living in New York and moved to Atlanta because he bought a business headquartered there plus he was tired of NYC. This businessman is wealthy to the tune of $800 million (net worth). This gentleman who is somewhat younger than Julia, much to her consternation since she has predominantly been with older men in the past, is quite handsome and all the women like him, even the partners after they meet him. Julia and the gentleman, named John Wallace, meet at a friend's dinner party and fall immediately in love. Neither will let on to the other because they believe that smart, rational, discrete people just don't do that. However, they are only able to keep up appearances for a short time and then John tells Julia he loves her and wants to marry her. Since she is in love with him, she agrees and suggests a prenuptial agreement but John won't hear of it. They get married in a fabulous wedding attended by lots of friends, family, business partners as well as some of John's Hollywood and Capital Hill friends. Della Reese sings at the wedding, held in Atlanta. After the wedding, Sugarbaker's grows like a weed primarily due to Julia's husband's referrals but soon the word gets around that Sugarbaker's can do a great job no matter how difficult the assignment and Julia's business grows from word-of-mouth. So at this point , Julia is married, giddily happy, managing a much larger design firm, and, sits on the Board of Directors of all of her husband's companies where she encourages other women Board members to be nominated. Julia has started 3 political action committees, putting John's money to good use -- 1 is against pornography, 1 is against illiteracy and 1 is against ageism. Julia has talked Payne into moving back to Atlanta since "NYC is no place to raise kids". Julia also managed to talk Suzanne into moving back to Atlanta. Suzanne lives just down the street from Julia. When Julia heard her mother, Perky, was thinking of leaving Japan, she asked her to move in with John and her. Julia and John live in a large antebellum home (which, of course, Julia redesigned) at the edge of the City. Perky has just recently agreed to move in and Julia is preparing the house for her. Julia and John are currently discussing adopting a child together since Julia has finally had to have the hysterectomy a few years ago. They had considered having a test-tube baby since Julia still has her ovaries but, in the end, neither Julia nor John felt it was the right thing to do. And that's where I see Julia as 2002 rolls around.

Submitted by John Paul

A shiny classic cadillac pulls through the gates of a large Atlanta estate and up in front of the home's massive columns. A distinguished elderly black man wearing a fedora gets out of the car and holds open the door to the back seat, just as the lady of the house makes her way down from the porch. She seems not to recognize her own frailness as she tries to barrel her way down the steps with the same swagger and attitude she has carried since youth. Pushing 90 years of age, she still imagines herself to be among the most beautiful woman in the world, with her oversized black wig and red lipstick -- obviously applied with an unsteady hand. Wrapped in a fur-collared wool overcoat and sporting dangerously high heels, she chastises the driver for his tardiness in her ever-present Southern drawl. Presenting her arm to the elderly gentleman, her peakedly-white complexion contrasts deeply against the black man's coloring as he helps her into the car and cuts off her constant and annoying banter by slamming the car door closed. The dampness in the air causes some slight discomfort in an old gunshot wound in the man's leg, but he puts it aside and drives his lady out to the country as she carries on and on about not being able to get a proper leg-waxing. As they reach a secluded country field hidden amongst the fall foliage, the elderly black man takes his lady's arm and guides her through the gently blowing leaves to a familiar clearing where he has laid out a blanket and basket lunch. They've been here before -- on this day every year for fifty years. The couple shares a romantic picnic, and as if he's done it fifty times before, the old man asks his lady to marry him. And as if she's had fifty years of practice, she smirks and bats her eyes and says, "Why Anthony Bouvier, that's just silly. What would people say if Suzanne Sugarbaker were to marry a black ex-convict?" She smiles and gives him a peck on the cheek, and the two spend the rest of the afternoon sipping champagne and holding hands, just as they've done on the anniversary of this day for the last fifty years.


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